Daily Archives: May 11, 2010

Hopelessly addicted to…blogging


I have nothing to say tonight.  No words of wisdom.  No exciting stories of the day.

Yet dinner time hath passed (squash, baked potatoes, wild rice with peas and onions, Szechuan green beans and red peppers with mushrooms) and now is the Witching Hour.  The time when I usually brew a cup of tea and sit down to compose a blog-story. 

I prepared to do something else–anything else–and yet my heart started going pitter-pat, pitter-pat, wanting to blog!  Wanting to write!  Wanting to tell a story of extraordinary ordinariness. 

It refused to allow chores like doing the dishes, going for a walk, reading.  It begged, “Please, Kathy. Please.  Let us write a blog.  Let us say something.  Please.  Do not sadden us.  Please let us write a blog!!”

Wood anemone on the edge of road

OK, what are you suppose to do when the inner voice carries on like that?  Make it sit down and read your current novel?  (Mine happens to be Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.  She’s the author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan for you other novel-readers out there in the blogosphere.)

Do you reply:  “You have nothing to say, Blogger.  Go sit on the couch and behave.”

Say sternly:  “No, you crazy addicted blogging fool!!   Go outside and take a walk instead.”

Blogging fool replies, “NO!  It’s too cold out there.  Too windy.  Besides, we did yoga today.  And didn’t we do a good job on our warrior poses and our sun salutations?  Didn’t our teacher praise us?  Can’t we please blog?”

Finally, you give in.  OK, blog away.  But on one condition.

We can’t insist we’re addicted to blogging.  We must put it in more positive terms.  Let’s say instead that we’re following our heart’s desire.  We following our inner passion.  We’re following the spirit within.  (Sounds much better than addicted, right?) 

An even closer view of a dandelion opening

So now that we’re actually blogging and we found three flower photos to post, what else can we share?  The tea I’m drinking is called Lemon Blossom.  It’s quite good. 

I know!  Reggie, from Grains of Sand blog commented recently, “How come you have such exciting excursions, Kathy?!  I love reading these stories.” 

My reply to her was thus:  

“Reggie, want to know a secret? I don’t think we do have such exciting excursions. Another person would just think to themselves, “We drove to Marquette and stopped by the railroad tracks and saw a bike in the tree.” I think the trick is looking at everything we do as Extraordinary. Then every excursion becomes exciting!”

There.  That’s my entire blogging premise.  We all live equally exciting lives.  When we learn to cultivate the view that the ordinary truly is extraordinary…well, then, every one of us will be blogging like crazy every single evening thrilled to related the latest amazing adventure!   Even if it is:  I just ate dinner and drank a cup of lemon blossom tea.   :)

Sincerely yours, a passionate blogger following her heart’s desire.