Daily Archives: May 28, 2010

The spill BP doesn’t have to clean up

Lake Superior's annual pollen "spill"

 Yep, it’s the annual pollen spill here in Lake Superior country.  

Yellow pollen swept in and out with the waves

 Instead of an oil spill gushing up from beneath the sea, we have pollen gently blowing down in the lake from our blossoming trees.  

Yellow closely hugs the shore

 The edges of the lake turn yellow at this time of year.  More pollen than one could imagine gathers to float on the waves, hug the rocks, and sometimes form surrealistic patterns against the blue waters.  

Milky-yellow pollen water splashes on stones

 Perhaps the pollen floats in patterned swills out further in the lake, as well.  I don’t know.  I walked photographing stones the other day and don’t know an extensive amount about the spring behavior of pollen as it drifts further from shore.

 My husband says fishermen call the pollen line by the un-beautiful name of “the Scum Line”.  He says fish often congregate at the scum line. 

In some areas pollen lies murky

 Don’t your prefer that we call it the pollen line?  The pollen spill?   

In other areas it forms patterns against a blue background

 It’s been rumored that people who walk extensively amidst the watery pollen even exhibit hay fever or cold-like symptoms.  Sneezing.  Perhaps even full-blown allergies.  

Sometimes the pollen plays in surrealistic patterns around the rocks...

 I like how the pollen formed a circle around the orange rock in the above photo.  How the other water looks so clear and blue.  It almost looks like the pollen is alive, coming up to greet the rock.  (At least that’s the story my imagination is concocting now…)  

An apple blossom floats in the pollen sea

 In a short while the pollen will be gone.  Our yellow shores will turn blue or clear again.  The trees, even now, wave their green palms in the breeze.  Not until next spring will the pollen return on its annual cycle.

 **sadly thinking of the Gulf Coast right now, and the challenges the environment and people are experiencing in that beautiful place**