Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

Quiet forest blog

Quiet blossom

It’s quiet outside in nature.

A hush fills the air.

Silence.  Peace.  The sweet aroma of wildflowers.

You begin to feel yourself relax, to quiet down, to breathe deeply.

Slowly now–slowly–come deeper into the forest, to a deep center of inner peace.

Quiet butterfly on quiet blossom

Feel your muscles relax.  Feel your breath slow.  Breathe in, breathe out. The woods feels so peaceful, so quiet. 

The tension of the day falls off you, drops easily into the stream winding through the spruce and poplar trees. 

Feel a sense of simplicity returning.  An easiness.  A lightness. 

Let all your worries and pains drift downstream in the water.  Let your hand gently stroke the wet stream.  Linger in the scent of wildflowers.

Quiet inner world of a spruce

Breathe in and out.  Watch your breath slow.  Feel your feet, your legs relaxing.  Feel the softness of your belly, the rise and fall of your chest.  Feel your arms hanging limp, the openness of your fingers. 

Close your eyes.  Sense the cares of the world falling away.

Hush of a buttercup

Feel the peace within you, the hush, the empty space. 

Perhaps you might even sense the forest within you–the trees and valleys and deer.  Perhaps you hear bird song coming from your heart.

Blessed quiet spreads out across your forehead, filling your ears.  You breathe deeply, at home within yourself.

Soft silence of the underside of garden columbine

Slowly you rise now, walking silently back to your life.  Feel yourself returning to your own home, your own computer, your own skin.  Don’t stop breathing deeply.

Bring the quiet into your own night, your own morning, your own day.  Share it with your loved ones.  Bring the forest of yourself into the cities and towns and neighborhoods. 

Share wildflowers with all you meet.