Daily Archives: August 6, 2010

“Hey, Lady, you lost your peach!”

Oooops! Dropped the peach in the grocery store parking lot!

I don’t know about the rest of you bloggers.

But for me, one of the best moments of the day comes when the Universe downloads a blog headline.  (Or would that be “uploads a blog headline”?)  I’ll be doing something random–like carrying my groceries between the store and the car–when suddenly, unexpectedly, a grocery bagger will call, “Hey, Lady, you lost your peach!”

And do I worry about the peach which is now sitting conspicuously on the parking lot, having fallen irresponsibly out of the plastic bag?  Do I curse myself for attempting to carry too many bags?

NO!!  Instead I crow in delight (OK, inside myself):  Ohmygoodness, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful blog headline?  Isn’t it perfect?  Aren’t I the luckiest person in the planet to have the peach drop out of the bag (OK, so it might be now be a slightly challenged peach) so that a bagger could call out “Hey, lady, you lost your peach!” and I could use it in a blog headline?  Ohymygoodness, life is so good.

And now we have to have a PHOTO SHOOT in the grocery store parking lot??

Someone–I suspect it was Scott Thomas from Scott Thomas Photography–actually, it WAS–said in a recent comment, “Kathy, you do have a way with a blog title.”

I am here to tell you that I live for the moment in the day when the blog title reveals itself.

You have to be alert.

You have to be aware.

You have to be waiting for it to come.

I swear the last title “I dreamed it rained acorns” was a gift from the heavens.  These headlines present themselves.  I don’t try to make them up. They come, full-fledged, from the ethers and all the writer can do is fall on her knees in gratitude.

You can be doing something like harvesting onions and a voice in your head will say…like it’s nothing…like it’s an aside, ” Sitting beneath the wrong end of a bald eagle” or “The Attack of the Killer Flies” and you go “Ohmygoodness, thank you, thank you, you are so right on!  Thank you!”

Of course, then, as you can imagine…my challenge exists on the days when the Interior Headline Writer says nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing clever.  Nothing at all.  Silence. 

That’s when I tend to stray from simplicity and peace and scream (to myself of course):  “WHERE ARE YOU???  HOW AM I EXPECTED TO WRITE A BLOG HEADLINE WITHOUT YOU?  WHY WON’T YOU SPEAK?”

My lesson–as I explore this topic of peace & simplicity during the month of August–is to simply write a headline entitled “Sad” or “The smell of fresh-baked bread” when the voice is silent.

Not to stress.  Not to insist the voice always be present.  To let the peach fall or not fall.

To let it all be OK.

Even the bruised peach.  :)