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The first day of our trip to Duluth: the murals in Ashland, Wisconsin

Murals painted on buildings in Ashland

Overlooking the bay in Ashland, Wisconsin

Dear reader,  I have no time to fill you in on the details of the trip right now!  We’re scurrying to reach our next adventure in the Duluth Harbor.  Followed by dinner and a movie (YES! I’ve convinced Barry to watch “Eat, Pray, Love”.)

Suffice it to say, we are having fun.  I did upload all of these photos from our Ashland, Wisconsin, adventure yesterday afternoon.  Anyone ever visited Ashland?  It’s a quaint little town along the top of Wisconsin.  One of their “claims to fame” is the mural walk. 

Here is what they say about the murals:

The Ashland Murals are a collection of seven murals painted by Kelly Meredith and Susan Prentice Martinsen between 1998 and 2005, depicting historical scenes from Ashland, Wisconsin. The murals include scenes of lighthouse keepers, lumberjacks, early grocers and pioneers who settled the region during the booming ore trade. One of the most amazing murals stretches half a city block and portrays sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines from different eras.

At the Hotel Chequamegon where we stopped briefly to sit on the deck

Lumberjack mural

Perhaps the lumberjack's wife?

The Storefront mural from days gone by.

Scenes on a mural

The murals are incredible I'm telling you!

Another time

Lady and gent

Interesting old building...windows looked blue in the sun

And then...we approach Duluth...

We really must go now if we want to tour a Great Lakes freighter.  (We’ve already toured the railroad museum and–oh–done lots of other things as well.)

Until later!