Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Magic 8-Ball, Magic 8-Ball–what do you think?

Decisions, decisions

Excuse the buttery popcorn fingers on the keyboard. 

Crunch, crunch.

I meant to wait until Movie Hour to pop the Organic Popcorn.  Movie hour is imminent.  I have two DVDs ready to watch:  Last Song and Princess Ka’Iulani.

But a blog must be written first!

I’ve been confused all day about what to write.  (That’s what happens when you have too much time to think.)  My queue of photos don’t quite match the queue of thoughts.  This doesn’t usually happen.  Usually the photos and the words dance together.  Tonight we’ll just ford ahead with a sticky popcorn-y keyboard.

Pardon me.  Must refill the bowl.

Crunch, crunch.

Things aren't always what they seem...

(The problem, dear reader, is that I am so excited about next week’s trip to Florida that I can’t concentrate on Life in the Upper Peninsula.  I am restless!  I am ready to hop on that plane!  I am ready to hug my mom and dad.  Ready to walk the sandy beaches.  Ready to…)

Never mind.  Let’s try to live in the Now.  Let’s try to enjoy the popcorn and movies.  Let’s enjoy the blog writing! 

Let’s consult the Magic 8-Ball on what to do during the next few days to Live Life to Its Fullest!

You have to ask a “Yes” or “No” question and shake the black ball and an answer appears in the bottom triangle.

Kathy:  “Magic 8-Ball, should I watch the movie Last Song first?”

Eight Ball:  “Cannot predict now.”


“Should I clean the keyboard after eating this bowl of popcorn?”

Answer:  “It is decidedly so.”

When I watch TV this is usually what it looks like.

Speaking of decisions, I’ll bet some of you are wondering HOW I choose the monthly guest blogger.  You know, I’m sure, that there are at least 20-30 readers/commenters who will make lovely contributors.

How to choose?

I just don’t want you to be blaming me.  Blame the Eight Ball.  The Magic 8-Ball decides. 

“Should Karma be the guest blogger this month?”

Eight ball:  “Outlook good.”

Should so-and-so be the guest blogger?

My reply is no.”

So you can see it’s very simple.  If you want to be a guest blogger, talk to your Magic 8-Ball.  Get your Eight Ball to communicate with my Eight Ball.  It WILL happen when the Universal Signs line up.  It will. 

Just don’t be blaming me or thinking I don’t love you. 

Crunch, crunch.

We can only hope we fit into our shorts and bathing suit after all this mindless popcorn munching.

Less than forty-eight hours to go, dear reader.  Are you ready for palm trees?  Are you ready for 85 degree temperatures?  Are you ready for egrets and pelicans? 

Stay tuned!  (Excuse me now, must sign off.  This keyboard is atrociously buttery!  And I have decided to watch the Hawaiian Princess movie first.  Until later…)

“Magic 8- Ball, should I finish this blog now?”

“You may rely on it.”