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~~The amazing Pink Spoonbill~~

Pink Spoonbill!

How many of you guessed after yesterday’s clue?

Guessed what we saw on my mother’s birthday?

You are so right!

We spotted the elusive, the wonderful, the amazing Pink Spoonbill.  OK, if you insist, you can call it by its real name.  Roseate Spoonbill.

Also known as the Roseate Spoonbill

You don’t glimpse the Pink Spoonbill every trip to Florida.  You must be in the Right Place at the Right Time.  You must be lucky.  You must be alert. 


Here’s how you find a Pink Spoonbill.

First, you must say to your walking partner, “You know what I want to see in Florida?  A Pink Spoonbill!”  (You have looked for them without any luck during the last several trips.)

When you stumble upon them, do not scream in disbelief.  Restrain yourself!  Do not fumble with the camera.  Remember how to turn your camera on.  Remember to take off the lens cap.  Quit shaking.  Pretend it will all work out and you will photograph them without failing.

More reflections

It’s OK if you get all dirty in the swamp alongside the Bird Sanctuary.  Dirt will wash off.  After all, you brought your Teva sandals.  See how close you can get.  Closer?  Closer?  Should you make the birds fly away in an attempt to get a flight photo?  Is that immoral?  These are the questions one must decide as one approaches closer, closer.

Your mother urges to set the Spoonbill in flight.  It’s her birthday.  The Roseate flaps skyward.

Beach chairs, umbrella anyone?

What else can I tell you, dear reader?

The days are flying by faster than the Pink Spoonbills.  The first day I arrived–Wednesday–flew by faster than any day in my life.  I woke up, the day passed in a blur, and then it was bedtime.  How can a day pass so quickly? 

Rippled patterns of sand

Every day passes quickly.  The trip is probably half over already.  I don’t want to think about it.

Sand face. (It's really a buried live sand dollar)

See the face my mom found on the beach?  She’s learning how to spot faces in shells and in the sand.  She’s a good face-spotting apprentice.  In fact, she now may be the official Winner.  That was a good face she found!

Shrimp Boats

The following pictures were taken during our boat ride yesterday.  When I got a little bit sick.  We won’t talk about that any more.  I am doing fine today.

Old Florida still exists...

We are headed up the road in about 45 minutes to meet my brother and his wife.  There is a tent in Santini Plaza filled with appetizers, drinks,  an art show and a group from the Naples Philharmonic.  We think. 

Want a ride on a Pirate Ship, Matey?

I told my mom and dad:  “I have absolutely nothing to blog about tonight.”

Are you surprised that a lot of words flowed out anyway?   :)

Mom and my sister-in-law, Michele, on the boat

Sorry that I am not visiting any of your blogs for the rest of this vacation.  It’s too challenging!  Time passes so quickly and I don’t want to miss any time in the Florida sunshine or time with the family.  (Although today there wasn’t even time to sun and read by the pool!)

Brother Tim drives the boat--Dad and our friend, Gene in the back

Hope all is well with all my friends, family and blog readers…