Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Ha! Fooled ya, didn’t I?

Palm trees at sunset

Ha!  You thought we were done with Florida, didn’t you?

You thought we were going to be viewing SNOW photos tonight, didn’t you? 

(Because snow photos are what greeted Ms. Rebel this morning when she snapped her lens outside the door.)

High school drum band during the Sand Sculpture Festival

However, how WRONG you are!  We are still dreaming about Florida.

Several Florida photos have been protesting since yesterday.

“Why didn’t you publish US?” they whined.  “Weren’t we good enough?”

Go slow. Slower. No wake, boater! You'll wake up the birds...

In order to prevent an inner revolt, I have agreed to publish the Florida Rejects.

Ooops, didn’t mean to call them Rejects!  They simply were not needed at the time other blogs were published.

However, let’s allow them their space, shall we?  Without censorship. We can wait to see snow photos, can’t we?

Underwater shell

However, we can talk about Upper Michigan and what’s happening now.  We’ll let the photos “do their thing” while we gab away about the Latest.

The latest is:  Snow.  One half inch.  On the deck and forest floor this morning.  Oooo.  Chilly, folks.  Winter Hath Arrived.

Artist paints on beach

Which is hard to fathom when we’re viewing Florida photos, isn’t it?  Our world is so compressed these days.  One minute we’re sweating on the beach and the next minute we’re shivering near Lake Superior.  How can this be?

Artists build sand sculptures

I dug out my winter sweaters today.  Ahhh, blessed warmth. 

I also nearly dumped a cup of coffee on innocent bystanders today, but that’s another story.  Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.

Pelicans in flight

Barry has the bird feeder up in front of our house.  Come, chickadee!  Come, finches!  Eat of our winter sunflower seeds.  Spread your chirping  joy into our winter home.  We’ll feed you in exchange for your color and enthusiasm during these long snowy months.  We will.

Water patterns

The truth is, dear reader, I can’t believe how easy it is to forget Florida.  How easy it is to embrace winter.  You would think you would be protesting.  Grumping.  Shivering.  Longing for tropical warmth.

But no.  I love living here, along the shore of Lake Superior.  In a land where snow and ice carve the land during four to five months of the year.

Yet another pair of feet...and a shadow.

Let’s dig our feet into this northern earth and wait and see what it reveals.  In the cold, the bare bones of trees, much is given.  You simply have to see beyond the bold offerings of summer.  Let’s surrender to the new season, shall we?