Daily Archives: November 26, 2010

Don’t you wish Thanksgiving lasted another 364 days?

Heavy laden

Don’t you wish Thanksgiving stretched for an entire year?  Three hundred sixty-four more days?

Not the feasting part of Thanksgiving.  Not the eating part.  Not the traveling part.  Not the family get-together part.  (Although all those can be good parts!)


It’s the gratitude part that I wish would last all year.  The Thanks-giving part.  The giving of thanks. 

What if we recognized every day as a day of Thanks-giving?  What would our world be like?  Would our focus on gratitude overwhelm our focus on what’s wrong with life?  Would slowly, slowly, slowly (or quickly?) our world begin to reflect what’s right rather than what’s wrong? 

I would like to think it might be so.

You might think–looking at these winter photos–that sun shines outside the window today.

You would be wrong.

Baby Christmas Trees

On this, the day after Thanksgiving, a storm rages outside the warm house.  Not a total white-out storm, but a storm nonetheless.  Wind howls and snarls.  Windows shake.  The woodstove burns brighter.

My early Black Friday activity involved attempting to open the frozen door of the car.  Turning on the fan and defrosting full-blast.  Scraping the window.  Shivering.  Returning to the house to brush teeth and hair before venturing out in the pre-dawn black and white world.

Off to work at the school.  Early.  Usually I venture in around 11 a.m. for my hours of work, but today was different.  No kids.  No teachers.  Everyone lounged at home, digesting turkey and green bean casserole and potatoes and stuffing or whatever they ate during yesterday’s feast. 

Quiet school, built in the early 1900′s, wind shrieking in the window cracks.  Radiators humming.  Me, in my upstairs office, feeling cocooned from the storm. 

In my last blog I posted black and white photos.  Except they weren’t black and white photos.  They were simply photos of what our world looks like on a gray day in November.  Black.  White.  Only minor splashes of tan in grasses or a red fence. 

We live in a black and white world.

Then the sun, unexpectedly, bursts out for fifteen minutes.  These photos were all taken during a quarter-hour of sun.  Before the gray clouds reasserted themselves.  Before the snow gathered in the heavy clouds.  Before the storm.

Can you hear "Carol of the Bells"?

Have you been listening to Christmas carols?  I have.  Barry said it’s not official–and we can’t listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving (which would make today the Official Starting Day of the Christmas season).  I disagree.  Kiah called early in the month with joy in her voice after listening to her first Christmas songs.  She inspired me to start listening early.  She said listening to Christmas music can cheer you up if you’re feeling blue.  She is right.

I wish I could tell you that I’m not shopping today.  You know–to be a lone voice against the million of Black Friday shoppers advocating the Simple Lifestyle.  However, I have a couple of on-line Christmas purchases to make. 

What am I grateful for on this post-Thanksgiving day, this Black Friday? 

I am grateful for the beauty of the storm, for good tires on the car, for a wonderful place to work.  I am grateful for health, for a deep spiritual connection, for two wonderful children.  For Barry.  For extended family.  For the family of those who read this blog.  I am grateful for being able to create…to share…to connect with others living on this blue and green (and black and white) spinning globe.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader.  Every day of the year.

(Hark!  Is the sun peeking through the storm?  Could it be so?)