Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

“Don’t panic, Lady!”

Birds--before they fly away

Hello, Reader.

I trust you are having a lovely day, wherever you are.  OK, if you’re not having a lovely day, I trust you are turning it around to find some positive nuggets of gold hidden within.  (If you are an optimist, you do this naturally.  If you are a pessimist, please search.  The nuggets are there.)

It’s been fascinating this week.  Two readers–or three readers–have announced, “I can tell when you’re writing with something to say, and when you’re writing with nothing to say.”

OK, they used their own words.  But their message was the same.  (Three same messages in one week? Kathy, pay attention!  The Universe is nudging you!  Don’t disregard this with defensiveness!)

I begged to differ with all three blog readers.  No, no, no!  I always have something to say! 

Once I ceased becoming defensive, I thought about it.  Now what did they mean?  Which blogs did they determine were nothing-to-say blogs?  I reviewed current blogs.  Puzzled.  Puzzled some more.

The blogs which I LOVE are blogs which are “everyday-nothing-much-happening blogs”.  The kind of blogs where we sit on our deck and drink tea.  The kind of blogs where we muse about spiritual matters.  You know the kinds of blogs I have trouble writing?  The adventure blogs, the happening blogs, the doing blogs.  They remind me of the journalistic career which I tossed overboard. 

However, as my mother said, (HI MOM!)  “I really like reading the blogs and looking at the pictures about Heikinpaiva and the ice sculptures at Michigan Tech.”  My son said, “Mom, I like the blogs where you and Dad go on adventures!”

That’s why I put them in.  Because many people like getting a flavor of what’s happening here in Lake Superior Country. Because these blogs show the spirit of a unique area…an area that is different from other unique areas in the country. 

But those aren’t the blogs that tug at my heart. The ones that tug at my heart describe a feeling in the moment, a snapshot of thoughts or images, a sensation of joy or simplicity or “enough-ness.”

Chris and Seunghye. Hi Guys! See you soon!

Besides this:  Barry and I are eagerly awaiting our trip to San Diego to visit Christopher, his fiance, Seunghye, and her parents next week.  Her parents speak only Korean:  wish us luck!

It’s actually a miracle that we’re going.  I spent half the afternoon on the phone with Delta.  I had a strange thought on the way home from work:  “Check your ticket, Kathy.  Is it issued in your proper name, Kathryn?”  No, it wasn’t.  I called Delta.  A long conversation ensued in which–eventually–said ticket was changed to Kathryn.

On a whim, I said, “Can you check my husband’s ticket, too?”

San Diego

Turns out–gaspPanic! –he didn’t have a ticket.  Even though the kind agent assured me he had a ticket when it was reserved in January using Frequent Flyer Miles–he really didn’t.

“Don’t panic, Lady,” said today’s agent.

I started breathing–and meditating–and tried to keep the panic to a minimum.

An hour later, we were all set!  Barry has a ticket.  Kathryn has a new ticket!  We are San Diego-bound. 

I just can’t decide whether to bring la computer (el computer?) or not.  Whether to blog or not while meeting the future in-laws.  Stay tuned.  If I disappear for a while, you’ll know what’s happening.  If I don’t disappear–look for pictures of seals bathing in the Pacific Ocean!

2009 San Diego seals