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In which our toilet freezes solid and we make friends with Sarah, the shower spider.

Chapter II of Your Blogger’s Memoirs.  Click here to read Chapter I.

The year is 1979.  The month is September.  We now join our young hero and heroine (why, they are just babies–only 23 and 22 years old, respectively!) and they have moved into a creaky old farmhouse in the Finnish fields of Pelkie, in the western quadrant of Baraga County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.

But first!  We have some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy.  (If you understand that sentence, you have just dated yourself.  If you don’t understand that sentence, perhaps you’re as young as our protagonists.  If you want to know…scroll quickly to the end of the post.  You’ll see!)

You clever readers will have noticed a new format on this blog.  (Kathy’s not done formatting yet, oh no!  Change is the only constant in life, right?)  After you read the enticing “lead” to your daily blog, you must now click on the link you see below.  You click and you will arrive–faster than Dorothy clicks her red heels together–at the bulk of the blog.  There you will glimpse the exciting photos and “the rest of the story”.

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