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Anatomy of a Snowstorm

Do you remember Wednesday–was it only the day before yesterday?–when we paused and waited for the snowstorm to arrive?  We pondered:  Storm, wherefore art thou?

The storm listened, and duly arrived mid to late morning.  He blew up from the south in blizzarding fury, wind howling, shaking us back to deep winter, daring us to dream of spring.

He spit white snow everywhere and watched it pile up.  Not too deep.  Maybe only six or seven inches outside our cozy home in the woods.

Down in the southern Upper Peninsula near places like Menominee county officials declared a snow emergency.

At  our house it snowed fierce and heavy for about four hours.

After three hours, I ventured outside with the camera, just because I know some of you long for photos of the white stuff.  (Especially you, Michaela, over there at The Daily Click, coming to us from way down south in Texas.)  She’s always showing us photos of plum blossoms and magnificent southern sunrises and closeups of Statice and thorns and making me want one of those fancy macro lens, yes I do.  And yet she begs for snow photos!

Anyway, I have to get dressed and go to work, but please put on your warm winter coats, hats, mittens and boots and enjoy walking in our late February snowstorm.

P.S.  The title of this post is named in honor of one of the Upper Peninsula’s most famous books:  Anatomy of a Murder by John D. Voelker under the pen name Robert Traver.

I figured if we could have an Anatomy of a Murder book, we can certainly publish an Anatomy of a Snowstorm blog, don’t you think?

Looking outside the window at the snowstorm

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