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We’re going to Marrakech, Morocco, readers! (We think, we hope, you never know…)

(Ladies and gentlemen, blogging friends, I must admit writing this blog yesterday afternoon in the middle of another day-long snowstorm which dumped–at least–another foot of snow upon our Little House in the Woods.  Hence, this post smacks of Cabin Fever. You know, that crazy silliness you get when you’ve been cooped up in the house too long.  Please forgive in advance anything that resembles giddiness, rambling or excessive dreaming…)

The effects of the latest snowstorm which surely caused this Cabin Fever Blog

I am going to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

You wonder how I know that?

Because every day for a week I have emailed an entry to Win the Big Trip in a magnificent travel sweepstakes.  And shall continue to do so until March 31st, when a lovely smiling Vanna White-like employee of an Esteemed Company will pull my email address from a spinning wheel of names and telephone our Little House in the Big Woods to say, “Congratulations, Kathy!  You’re going to Marrakech, Morocco!”

Sure, you scoff, what a dreamer!  There are gazillions of people entering to win this trip. What makes YOU think YOU’RE going to win, anyway?

Umm, because I’m a blogger, and I will take all of you readers along, too!  (Virtually, that is.)

Oh wouldn’t we love to see photos of Marrakech?  (The appropriate answer required to support this ambition is:  Yes, Yes, of course, Kathy, we are dying to see photos of Marrakech!)

But where, you ask, IS Marrakech?

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