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My Mother Got Stuck in an Elevator!

Ohmygosh, Blogging Friends, Big News!

My mother, my sweet mother, the mother you’ve all met & heard about, just got stuck in an elevator in her condominium in Fort Myers Beach!

She just called with the exciting news!

“Oh, Mom, Wow,” I said, “WOW!  You got stuck in an ELEVATOR?  What happened?  Oh this is the BEST blog ever!”

Mom said, “Oh, Kathy, here’s what happened.  Dad and I were preparing to go to church with Jeannette.  You remember Jeannette, right?  Dad and Jeannette went downstairs and were waiting for me.”

“I got in the elevator.  From the sixth floor, you know.  Pushed the button for the lobby and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The elevator didn’t move.  I pushed the buttons to open the door.  Nothing happened.  I waited some more.  Finally decided to call 911 from the phone in the elevator.”

Regular readers of Lake Superior Spirit will remember that my mother was called by the Nicaraguan Authorities to account for her Luggage in our recent trip to Central America. Please read this blog to hear of her adventures.

My mom and dad at condo, on boat, circa 2009

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