Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

A spiritual tale of two toilets

Your assignment this morning should you choose to accept it:

Write a spiritual blog about the most un-spiritual thing you can imagine.

In my case:  Our Toilet.

Our old Ifo Princess, may she rest in peace...

There are certain aspects in our human lives that we often want to literally and figuratively sweep under the rug.  Hide under the radar.  Not discuss at a dinner party.  Keep behind closed doors.

We think it’s not tactful to discuss certain portions of our lives.  We want to be civilized, presentable, appropriate.  Don’t we?

We certainly don’t want to discuss some things in our blogs or essays.

We want to wear our public smiles, keeping certain things closeted and private.

It’s all good.

Nonetheless, I am about to tell a spiritual story about our toilet.

In fact, I shall tell a spiritual story about two toilets.  The Tale of Two Toilets.

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