Daily Archives: March 20, 2012


Expect the unexpected, dear reader.

Expect the unexpected.

OK, now that I’ve got your attention: Expect the unexpected.

Unexpected glimpse of a sunrise yesterday morning through side-view mirror of car

We only must repeat this sentence three times because we, as humans, so often long for the expected, the habitual, the comfort zone, the easy path, our familiar ways.

We truly don’t want to be alarmed, alerted, confused, thrown into not-knowing what to do next.

We want our morning coffee.  We want to drive to work on the same roads, dodging the same traffic, headed in the same direction.  We want to return home to the same loving faces, the same kinds of dinners, the same bedtime rituals.

We humans are lovers of patterns, routines, safe secure habitats.

Aren’t we?

Yet, Life itself, the sweet pearl of it, is always unexpected.

It never faithfully behaves as we expect.

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