Daily Archives: March 24, 2012

You can quit worrying now

Local moment of "fame"

I know you’ve been biting your nails all week, wondering how I was dealing with becoming a local celebrity.  You’ve been nervous, haven’t you?  You’ve been fussing with heart palpitations and cold sweats about how Kathy was surviving the indignity–yes, the indignity!  the humiliation!–of becoming a local weekly newspaper columnist discussing the Drue loos in public.

I am here to alleviate your worries, to help you re-gain equilibrium after your days of empathetic compassionate concern.  To release the nervousness of such an auspicious event.

It’s OK, dear concerned reader, it’s really OK.  We’ve survived it.  We’re not even a smidge humiliated.  Release it all!  Life is good.

Let’s, as usual, back up (and we don’t mean the septic system).  For those of you shaking your heads and rolling your eyes–”Toilet?  Famous blog?  What’s she babbling about NOW?” please carefully click this link:  A spiritual tale of two toilets.  If you’re reluctant to click the link, I totally understand.  You can continue to read this post instead.  No hand-washing required.

My loving witty husband snatched my toilet blog for his column in the L’Anse Sentinel this week.  (He must have been desperate for material.  After writing columns for thirty-four years, it must become slightly challenging at times, don’t you think?)

He said, and I quote almost verbatim, after reading the aforementioned toilet blog:  “You have just succeeded in beating me as a smart a**.”

I took a deep bow.

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