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MOOSE! See the MOOSE? Do you see it? DO you?

Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it wonderful when you can spot a moose beside the road?

All joking aside, our most famous local celebrity is–a Moose.

It can be seen munching swamp-grass on the Skanee Road, to the great delight of community members driving between L’Anse and Skanee or Aura.

This same moose–or a distant relative–lounged in the same swamp last spring, entertaining drivers and camera buffs alike.  Usually it appeared at dusk, resulting in an entourage of cars pulled over on the side of the road.

Often photographers dash out of their cars running toward the moose who watches the antics of humans with cool detachment.

(Some of us mutter that one of these days the moose will decide to charge some of us crazy people, and then the Michigan Department of Natural Resources might have to shoot the noble creature for acting as a public nuisance…although we pray that will never happen.)

We know not the sex of this particular moose, because sex can only be determined (at long-distant sightings particularly) by a large rack of antlers.  Since it’s not yet antler-season, the bulls and cows look the same.

You may want to read this link about Moose Facts.  It says that moose are not usually aggressive, except when hungry, tired or harassed by people, dogs and traffic.

You may also want to stop by this blog Two moose sightings in one week written last spring in which my friend, Lori, took some fairly close-up photos of roadside moose.  It explains a little about the history of moose in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Or click this Michigan DNR Moose Project Fact page.

But let’s return to our exciting moose spotting yesterday.

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