Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

Here’s lookin’ at you, Walker Boy

Hey, baby! Lookin' good...

Here’s my hubby coming home from work, one week and one day after his left knee replacement surgery.

Look at him wield that walker!

Look at him go!

He went back to work today, although I think he spent more time at physical therapy and the hospital (to monitor his Coumadin levels–to prevent blood clots post-surgery) than he did at work.

Hardly anyone goes back to work within one week, but Barry has a desk job and isn’t slinging cement blocks.  He can also come & go as he pleases, lucky fella.  As long as he gets a newspaper out once a week.

He’s still a bit challenged with swelling and bruising poor baby, but the physical therapist didn’t seem worried.  (He has purple TOES, dear reader!)

He keeps the knee propped up above the heart for hours at a time, the ice machine cooling the new knee.

He’s a good sport.

We’re doing well, dear readers, both of us.

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