Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Dear Diary, thank you for listening while I babble.

Dear Lake Superior Spirit Diary,

Gosh, now that I’ve turned off comments (in order to better catch up on reading other people’s blogs, because I got so far behind and feel guilty writing more posts with more comments to respond and reciprocate) it’s kinda fun to just Think Out Loud.

I read and commented on other people’s blogs for almost three hours yesterday, and have scheduled another couple hours today.

But enough blogging talk, Diary. It’s been a long time since we’ve last babbled.

OK, what shall we talk about this fine Sunday morning when Daylight Savings Time forced our clocks to “fall back” so everyone on the planet is up an hour earlier than they planned?  Or else they’re sleeping in, grasping handfuls of sleep greedily, attempting to “catch up” just like I’m trying to catch up in the blogosphere.

Diary, I don’t know what to think of my new Lake Superior Spirit page on Facebook.  (You don’t know what to think of anything!  Isn’t it odd how we sometimes know less and less as we age?)  Yes, indeed, it’s odd how we know less and less as we age, except when we think we know more.

One of my pictures went viral this week!

Kathy, you know you exaggerate.  Did it really go viral, or did you get 100 views?

The picture that went “viral”, Diary, since you haven’t seen it before.

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