Opening the door, walking outside

My 365-day commitment from December 22, 2008 – December 21, 2009 to spend time each day in the Great Outdoors. 

Please visit to experience that incredible year outside the front door.  Most adventures happened in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but you can also find photos and stories from Florida, New York, Georgia, California, Minnesota and Lower Michigan.

16 responses to “Opening the door, walking outside

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  2. I even love the NAME of this tab – knowing that fresh air always holds an entirely new perspective on life, if you can just get out there to experience it. A fantastic idea for a blog.

    • Hi Deanna! It was an amazing year to go outside every single day and breathe the fresh
      air–and sometimes the cold freezing air–and write about it. I love that you paused here.

  3. Fresh is great

    • Fresh air is wonderful, Bobz. It was a year of great outdoor adventures. I still go outside all the time and love it. Do you live in a town or out in the woods/country?

      • I live in Hazard. About 1600 feet up on mountain…woods… write so well I enjoy reading..not great at the reading thanks for writing! Yes I breathe air on my deck with coffee…

        • Bobz, 1,600 feet up on the mountain sounds really wonderful. I am imagining you drinking coffee with that mountain air–lovely. Wondering if it’s cold there this morning. It’s frosty and in the 20′s here this morning, brrrr. Now you can’t be as bad at commenting as you say if you and Reggie have been pen pals for years and years! Barry’s grandpa was born in Cade’s Cove, TN.

      • Dana and I love company should meet for a visit…

        • That sounds lovely. Next time we’re driving through Kentucky, we’ll meet you. (It may be a long time. We haven’t driven down south in ages.) It sounds like you and Dana are both so hospitable and welcoming. Thank you, Bobz.

  4. I just discovered your blog and love it. It took me some time to figure out exactly where you live, you certainly are at the end of the world. I love the UP and visit it often but never been as far as you are on that peninsula.

    • Tonya, I am glad that you like the blog and that you paused to comment. Yep, we’re close to the end of the world–we think–at times! Glad to hear you’re a lover of the U.P. It’s a special place, indeed.

  5. You are a great writer and I wish you continued success, mostly because I want to read more. :) It would mean a lot to me if you’d read some of my stuff, but I understand if you don’t have time. In either case, it was lovely to run across your blog in the wee hours of the night.

  6. This is something everyone should do more of, myself included!

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