Simply here

Ohmygoodness, what is Simply Here?

Simply Here is my baby blog of poetry and writing.

It is a singer of spiritual songs.

It is an abyss of awareness.

It speaks of non-duality and enlightenment and rain and soft wind.

It needs no introduction, really.

Only those who want to awaken from the dream of what appears will come here.

Everyone else will stay safely away, tucked in their safe personalities, thoughts and emotions.

It’s OK if you don’t visit this baby blog.

Only the daring will visit.

Only the daring subscribe.

I totally understand.

Please visit:

but only if you’re called by the hoot owl at the full moon.

5 responses to “Simply here

  1. I’m impressed by your daily dedication!

  2. I came across your blog as I was searching writings on my very first home, The Henry Ford Bungalow…. it was truly refreshing to read. My parents at the time owned The L’Anse Sentinel… thank you for posting those pictures. I remember crawling across the porch lined with pillars and the many stories of snapping turtles and bears that too would walk on that porch.

    • Claire, how nice of you to read and stop to comment. You know my husband is the editor at the Sentinel, right? I remember hearing about the Christison’s who owned the paper before the current owner. Glad you enjoyed reading the Pequaming stories. Smiling at the thought of you sharing the porch with snapping turtles and bears.

  3. Kathy,

    No, I did not know that your husband is the Editor. I am hoping to stay at The Bungalow sometime this Spring/Summer. My beau has several 32 Fords and I thought it would be a fun trip for both of us. I would very much like to stop by the Sentinel….. not sure if it is in the same building; however, that too would be a treat to see. I was young when I lived there; however, I bet certain things would spark a memory or two.

    Happy New Year!


Although I don't reply to every comment on every blog, I do read all comments with mesmerized interest and try to return the favor by visiting YOUR blog or at least sending you heartfelt well wishes.

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