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The secret gift of the Equinox

Black and white shadows on the lawn

Today is the Spring Equinox, the Vernal Equinox.  The tilt of our Earth’s axis inclines neither away nor toward the sun.  The sun beams forth from directly above the Equator.

Our days and nights rest briefly at equal length, in blessed balance.

Sepia equinox shadows

I want to share a little secret with you, gleaned from some spiritual books read years ago.  The names and authors have long been forgotten, so you can choose to believe this tidbit or forget it.

Because the earth lies in perfect balance at both the Spring and Fall Equinox, we humans may also benefit from this energy.

For three days before and after the equinox, the earth’s energy can help us balance our own energy.

Shadows heralding spring

How do we utilize this?

Many ancient folks recognized the Equinox and Solstices as having powerful energy.  Some quested for vision during this magic doorway.  Others prayed, meditated, contemplated deeply.

It’s perhaps helpful for us to find some quiet space during the doorway of the Equinox.  Look deeply at our life.  See more clearly what is working and what isn’t.

Are we choosing actions which reflect our deepest joy, creativity, heart-filled love?  Or are we choosing actions which have somehow become stale, rigid, old, ineffective?

Refrigerator illumination

In this sacred doorway, we can choose again to dedicate our life to higher or deeper principles.  We can look fearlessly.  We can observe the patterns of our days and decide with more wisdom and strength.

The balance of the earth will mirror our resolve.  We can utilize the Earth’s balance to help restore our own.

Shadow and light: wood, grain, windows

I spent most of the afternoon in quiet and meditation.

Later, the shadows of the trees and the reflection of light taught its lessons.  The light seems precious, filled with possibility.

Branch shadows etched on basement wall

The afternoon of silence stretches into evening now.  I am feeling more balanced, more peaceful.

I pray that the energy of this Equinox helps also to balance and revive you, to direct you more clearly and steadfastly into the path which opens up from the shadows and light.