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Blessings to all

Yesterday, unexpectedly, several online friends sent notes, emails, Facebook messages.

“Where are you?  When are you coming back to blogging?  We miss you.  Are you surviving the winter?”

My heart lurched in appreciation for friends who reappeared out of the woodwork of the Internet with such kindness and concern.

I am rich in what really matters, it seems.  Caring friends and family who send snippets of love.

Yet my heart simultaneously sank.  May I share why?

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Somewhere under the rainbow and between pink roses

Somewhere under the rainbow...

Somewhere under the rainbow…

Hello, dear friends and readers.

Isn’t the rainbow photo truly lovely?

It’s a picture taken by Anne, our county treasurer, just after a recent rainstorm.  It’s the little K-6 elementary school where I work.  Perhaps our tiny school is the pot of gold under the rainbow, do you think?

I am glad Anne took and shared the photo.  She said “Do what you’d like with it!”

The second photo–of yours truly–was taken last month by my friend, Doris, in her rose bushes.  You remember this rose-colored story, don’t you?

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Fare thee well, fallow fields and yet another blogging break

Time to leaf you…

And now…it’s time for this one to take another blogging break.

Yes, you knew this would happen, didn’t you?

You recognize the pattern, don’t you, even though I’ve tried to deny it?

Some of us create, create, create, create…and then our fields must lie fallow as we renew, as we build up the soil of our creativity.

As the chill of November deepens, as the winds whip to a frenzy on Lake Superior, as the snowflakes scurry and spin…some of us heed the call to turn inward, to dream, to listen to the deepest inner voice whispering between pine needles, between scurrying autumn leaves scuttling on the frozen earth.

Last time I took one of these regular breaks a couple of you expressed concern, worry.  No, my friends!  Never worry about me while on retreat.  I am happy, somehow, at these times.  When the computer mostly turns off, when the emphasis turns inward, something in my soul sings like a cheerful chickadee.

(It sings in outward creativity and sharing, too, but it’s a different kind of song.)

As we turn toward the Thanksgiving holidays, I give thanks for all of you.

For your steadfast presence in my life.

For all the gifts you share with others.

For the gift of sharing your precious self, your unique thoughts, your individual gumption, your brightness, your magnificent beauty.  Your gorgeousness…

In my absence, please feel free to peruse my New and Revised blog roll.  Finally, after months and months, I’ve added new names & faces for you to enjoy.  I’ve deleted those who’ve passed by the wayside or remained silent so long that they’re composting into new friends.

Evergreen blessings!  May our hearts open further in gratitude in this upcoming season…

Life’s patterns…

P.S. The comments are turned off, dear readers, because we’re not saying goodbye, are we? We’re saying fare thee well, ye fallow field, ye. We’re shouting *over the river and through the woods* “Until we meet again! Fare thee well! Fare thee well!”