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Merry Christmas from our snowy Little House in the Big Woods to yours!

Little Christmas trees in the north woods

Little Christmas trees in the north woods

Merry Christmas, dear readers, from our snowy Little House in the Big Woods in Aura, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, just a dozen owl hoots from the nearest four-way stop.

I wish you the happiest of holidays.  May you enjoy this season of celebration as we surpass the darkest days of the year.

May 2014 bring you peace, joy and understanding.

I have so appreciated another year of blogging with all of you.  You’ve all helped my life shine brighter than a star atop a Christmas tree.

Will be taking a blogging break now–and shall see you sometime after the New Year decks the halls with boughs of holly.

Many blessings!  Hope you enjoy looking at all the snowy pictures, including a few oldies but goodies of my little ones when they still frolicked in the snow at our Little House in the Big Woods.

Love, Kathy

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

One frozen apple

One frozen apple

One snowy apple.

One more Christmas appearing around the bend of this week.

One WordPress weekly photo challenge.

One happy blogger that her to-do list sparkles under control, as of early Saturday.  (Some commenters suggested she abandon to-do lists, but she couldn’t survive her part-time jobs without to-do lists.  They’re lifesavers, especially as she grows older.)

One quiet Sunday before family festivities begin.

As the wood stove warms the house this December, wasps fly out of the woodwork and lie dazed and helpless beneath the ceramic Christmas tree.

One wasp circles the kitchen light.

One love surrounds us all, wasp, apple, to-do lists, photo challenge and Christmas…if we but have eyes to see…

One wasp

One wasp

This week my to-do list lassoed me around the neck

Creative Story #1.  This week my to-do list lassoed me around the neck, hog-tied me, and threw me in the closet.  The to-do list looked like a demon, you know, wearing red Christmas long underwear and sarcastically humming, “God rest ye Merry Gentleman” whilst brandishing a silver key and bottle of brandy.  While I wept on the closet floor, the to-do list partied around our Little House in the Big Woods, tossing Christmas lights asunder and making snow angels on the deck.

I wouldn’t have escaped from the locked closet at all until after Christmas, except Barry found me.  He didn’t seem to believe my story about a demonic capture by a to-do list, though.  Do you believe it?

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Kinder discovers the bathroom sink

Kinder in the sink

Kinder in the sink

Today I visited Linda at the Skanee Post Office and posted a Christmas package to my daughter in New York City.

In return, my daughter sent a picture of one of my grand-cats, Kinder, who recently discovered the bathroom sink.

(Oh, silly me, I think this happened in reverse order! The daughter sent the photo first, then I paid big bucks for the package, but who’s counting anyway?)

Coming to you Live from a VERY cold afternoon in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Trying to catch up with my Christmas chores. How are you doing with yours?

Making a list and checking it twice

Sparkling lights

Sparkling lights

Dear Santa,

My friend, Suzi Banks Baum–you know who she is–the one with Lake Superior flowing in her veins and heart–even though she lives somewhere out East, maybe in the Berkshires or some place near that Atlantic Sea–posted a blog yesterday which ignited my beating heart big time.

‘Twas a gratitude post, Santa, you know, the kind where you state for what you’re thankful, instead of what you want.

We humans are such wanters.

We want this, and this, and how ’bout that too?

They say that gratitude balances our wanting.

When wanting tips the scales in our lives, we might turn to a little gratitude and realize what we already heave.

When gratitude blisses us out, OK, maybe it’s OK to express a little wanting.

Santa, with Suzi’s example, I am making a list and checking it twice.

Telling you what I’m grateful for today, what blessings abound.

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I want to twinkle today.

The light of the world

The light of the world

“Do not try to save the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create
a clearing
in the dense forest
of your life
and wait there patiently
until the song
that is your life
falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know
how to give yourself
to this world
so worthy of rescue.”

- Clearing by Martha Postlewaite

Bitter cold still freezes tears this morning.  Laughter ricochets off icicles.

I curl up on the couch on this day off work and ponder the dense forest of my life.  One hundred thoughts arise like one hundred trees, all competing for attention.

I’ve been waiting patiently and impatiently for the song that is my life to fall into these cupped hands for a long lifetime.  Sometimes I hear the tune, so very clear, like ice forming in the bay a quarter-mile away, and feel truly at home.  Other days one wanders lost in the forest, wearing fear or sadness like a winter parka, fingers icy in woolen mittens.

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Santas and Snowmen play in the snow

Santas and Snowmen playing in the snow

Santas and Snowmen playing in the snow

Every year the Santas and Snowmen sleep in the basement until the first week in December.  Then they march up our spiral stairway, one by one, preparing to help us celebrate the Christmas holidays in style.

Many long years ago I won the five-inch high little fellas in a local raffle at the Aura Hall.  Nine of them winked at me from a red, white and black tic-tac-toe board and how I delighted to bring them home.

Little did we suspect that the Santas and Snowmen were clever little tricksters! They would tiptoe off their staid and respectable tic-tac-toe board and perform amazing acts of silliness which resulted in grins on any Scrooge faces.

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On the first day of Christmas…

The beginnings of ice on the Portage Canal

The beginnings of ice on the Portage Canal

I am perhaps moving this blog in a different direction for awhile, my dear loyal readers.  Today I wrote three blogs and tossed two of them away.  Even though they were both engaging, they felt cumbersome.

I shan’t tell you exactly what’s different.

You can guess, if you’re so inspired.

Yesterday, Barry and I traveled to Houghton to begin our Christmas shopping.  We do not like to shop, yet we adore our loved ones for whom we shopped.

We paused for drink and dinner.

We paused and toasted the beginning of the holiday season.

Today is the first day of Christmas, December 1st!

Last night a coyote howled outside our bedroom window.  We startled in our sleep at the closeness of the yipping, the howling.

Barry simultaneously dreamed a coyote stalked his dream.

I haven’t gone outside all day–yet.

All day I stalked your blogs and read, and read, and read.

I feel like our lives intersect.

I feel like Christmas shall arrive soon.

Shall we be ready this 2013 year?  How are you preparing for the upcoming holidays?

What happened with you on the first day of Christmas?

Closer yet

Closer yet

An Elf, a Pig, and Reindeer Tracks in the Snow



Christmas lights twinkle all around.

I am sending you all holiday love.  Can you feel it?

Did you have a wonderful time during these holy-days?

Can you feel the Sun returning to the earth, lightening our days with hope and joy?

(If you can’t, that’s OK.  I can’t either.  But the calendar does say that the light returneth to the Northern Hemisphere.  Often in January I measure the return.  It equals ten minutes of light each week.  If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself.)

We’ve been celebrating Christmas a day late.

December 26th = December 25th in our books.

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Saturday night at the local bar after meditating for 48 hours

On Thursday at 12 noon, sharp, I began meditating for 48 long hours.  OK, it wasn’t continuous meditating.  But it did involve turning off the Internet, email, Facebook, WordPress, the News, books, movies, magazines and other fine amusements.

Off went connection to the Larger World.  On went connection to the Inner World.  I sat for hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after long hour (did I mention how long the hours can seem when you’re simply sitting?) connecting with what is larger than our everyday affairs.

In honor of the Solstice, The End of the Mayan Calendar, and the Beginning of a New Time.  It wasn’t easy, my friends.  If you’ve ever retreated in this manner, you know.  It isn’t Easy.  Your inner self rebels.  It wants to reach for distraction after distraction.  It doesn’t care which distraction.  It just wants to fill the emptiness it perceives as annihilating.

It can be agonizing to sit, sit, sit, being present with only what arises.

Noon on Saturday found your blogger finishing her 48-hour commitment and finally checking in to this computerized world and shopping for Christmas goodies at the local store.

At 6 p.m. on Saturday evening she found herself utterly restless and begged her husband, “Can we go to da Finn’s?”

Huron Bay Tavern (aka Billy the Finn's)

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