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Blog stats for $500, Alex.

One autumn leaf, two leaves, three leaves, four...

One autumn leaf, two leaves, three leaves, four…

Readers, shall we take a break from our early autumn chores and play a little Jeopardy?

Let’s stand in front of our TV audience and pick a category.

I know what I’m choosing, Alex.

“Blog stats for $500, please!”

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The joy and shame of stats

If I were a perfect person in a perfect world I would not care about stats.  (That’s what I tell myself.)

However, as an imperfect person in an imperfect world, may I share one of my greatest joys and shames with you?

I am a long-term lover of stats and the thrill of numbers.

They have made this heart race to the stars and back over the years.

A little background:  I am a financial person.  Two of my part-time jobs involve budgeting, comparing, saving, reporting and creating journal entries.

Oh how I’ve adored playing with numbers!  Up, down, backwards, forwards!  It’s like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle.  It’s been darn fun.

Daughter & me with jigsaw puzzle

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