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Advice to a young blogger

Grandma Blogger in cool hat

Grandma Blogger in cool hat

Dear Blogging Tyke, come and sit on Grandma’s knees and I will tell you the Blogging Secrets of Life.

(What? you gasp.  I’m no tyke! And you’re no grandma!  And your knees certainly don’t look sturdy enough to sit upon!)

Yes, child, you are a blogging tyke.  You are a wee one in the world of on-line blogging depending on how the experts determine your age.  There is a complicated formula utilized by the Powers that Be which figures your blogging age.  I’m not 100% certain, but mathematically it goes something like this:  number of posts published multiplied by commenters multiplied by hits divided by years plus 6% if the search engines love ya.

Have you figured out your blogging age yet?  OK, get on my knee and we’ll get started.  (You get off my knee.  You’re too heavy.  We’re taking that elderly gentleman first.)

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With tears streaming down my face…

It’s my daughter’s fault.

She ignited a memory this morning, a very cherished memory of our children’s elementary years.

As many of you know, we live in a small township with about 460 residents (down twenty folks since the 2000 census.)  Our elementary students attend a two-room public school.  The student count fluctuates over the years.  Back in the 1980′s and 90′s when our kids attended the count averaged about 28.  One year, for a very short time, we topped out at 41 students.  These days we teach between five and fifteen girls and boys.

Our two attended Arvon Township School where their mama (me!) had the fancy title of Business Manager.  That meant I did the books, paid the handful of employees and filled out countless state reports.  (As many of you know, I am still in this part-time position all these years later.)

One of the highlights of the school year for our students is a magnificent Christmas program where moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, friends and neighbors all turn out to listen to little Johnny or Melinda sing, act, read or play recorders.

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When a legally blind man calls you “Gorgeous”

Life is really super-duper absolutely inarguably funny.

Two days ago I wrote a Farewell for a Little While post.  See ya @ Thanksgiving, readers, because creative fields must lie fallow.  (Oh how Munira and Lisa and I love the word “fallow”.  Isn’t fallow the coolest word?)

I was so happy about my upcoming blogging break.

But the Universe had other plans.

Drum roll, please!

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Here comes that white-faced blood-sucking vampire again

Disclaimer:  I am not a vampire kind of girl.

Vampire epics, horror movies, suspense DVDs or books…no.

I would rather read historical fiction or melt into a romantic chick-flick.


You’ve got to be kidding.

Which is why it’s truly one of the puzzles of my life that a white-faced blood-sucking vampire keeps re-introducing himself, over and over again.

His name, you ask?

Barnabas Collins.

Don’t be scared, gentle reader…

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Why life on earth might be perfectly “fair”

What really happens behind the Pearly Gates

See, God or Allah or Goddess or the Almighty–whatever you call Him or Her, produces this Earth Show.

He’s hired a director, someone like Jesus or Buddha, except maybe they’ve never been planetary-bound, maybe someone like St. Oleander or Baba Racha or Sister Angellica Ruth.

We’re all souls, looking maybe like eggs in a carton, or maybe we’re flying around on invisible wings, behind the stage, waiting to audition.

Let’s call our director St. Archie.  He’s smoking a Cuban cigar and sports a two-day beard.

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