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Wolf. Sideways blowing snow. Chicken enchiladas with spicy mole sauce.

Monday.  Brown-furred wolf runs south to north in front of my car.  His legs pump, his haunches strain.  Masterful, he sprints, his legs sure, not slipping and skidding like those long skinny-legged deer who sometimes fall and splay all four legs as they attempt to gain traction on ice.  Solid, purposeful, the wolf crosses snow-covered asphalt, his eyes staring straight ahead, almost oblivious to the barreling car.  He darts into the woods, immediately  in a grove of evergreens, concealed in plain sight.

Snowy spruce

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Morning stories from the woods

Outside–just now–coyotes yipping, close to the house. Neighbor’s little dogs barking furiously.  Cacophony in the woods!  My heart pounds.

Suddenly, all still.  Hopefully the dogs ran, tails between legs, back home.  Hopefully, coyotes didn’t breakfast until later.

Dark lingers these mornings, but it will lighten earlier next weekend when Daylight Savings Time flies away with the last honking geese.


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When creativity sits down to write a blog.

Geese on the bay

Sometimes creativity proves challenging.

Which way will you let it express itself?

There are so many ways in which creativity could, for example, write this blog.

Lake Superior

Creativity could write a story from a Goose Point of View.  The geese in this pictorial could come forth and tell a winged tale.  They could share about traveling south in autumn.  They could talk about yesterday’s squawk about leadership in the V-formation.  Or they could talk about how we humans might learn from them.  The littlest goose might add his voice.

Yep, that’s one creative possibility.

Or this blog could take us back to church–like last Sunday’s Church of the Woods.  This Sunday could be “Lake Superior Sermons.”  (I suppose the geese could read the daily devotional.)  However that might not be too creative, as the idea was already used.  It might be cheating.


Creativity could write another poem–like yesterday–but I think we’ve had enough spontaneous poetry for a while.

Creativity could talk about my day.  What I’m going to be doing.  What I did yesterday.  (Except, truly, dear reader, I am in a very quiet space.  There is nothing much to say about current doings.  I gathered stray leaves from against our house and deposited them in the woods.  Drove to town to buy some groceries.  Watched an old movie:  Anna and the King of Siam with Jodie Foster.  Yep.  Nothing much to say.)

Two geese

Creativity could tell you what I think.  About this and that.  Where I’m pondering, wondering, not pondering, not wondering.  Usually blogs on thoughts and feelings can go on for several hundred words.  First you tell one point of view, then another.  Then you try to wrap all the points of view into a coherent whole.  Or you don’t.  Yep, creativity could write a thought & feeling blog.

Or it could write a clever blog.  A clever blog surprises the reader (and often the writer who never expects what creativity will do next!)  A clever blog takes strange ideas and knits them together into something new.

Sometimes it decides to let the photos express what they want to express, without words.  That’s another way creativity shares a blog.  It allows the photos to lead the reader down whatever path the reader desires.  Creativity displays five photos and turns off the computer.  That’s always intriguing! 

Sometimes creativity takes a break and writes a rational blog.  That is sometimes a teaching type of blog.  Or an actual happening type of blog.  Or a blog which describes what the community is doing.  (In journalistic terms, this kind of blog would be the meat & potato stories of the newspaper.  Some of the other kinds of blogs are more like columns or editorials.)

Rocks of the lake

You never know what creativity will do when it sits down to write a blog.  You can only hope it will be kind.  That it won’t embarrass the typist who must then claim the blog as her own. 

What ways have you allowed creativity to rearrange the furniture of your blogs (or life) lately?  Does creativity show up at your house every day?  How do you make space for it? What has creativity surprised you with lately?