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Hope in darkness



The clock ticks 6 a.m.

Outside our Little House in the Big Woods the wind howls fiercely.  Father November has thrown a deep cloak of blackness across the breasts of trees and the wood stove sputters in the basement.

Barry still slumbers.

I must drive to work through darkness, hoping the wind won’t snap huge branches awry on the roads.  Florida feels long ago, a dream perhaps.

I shall schedule this post to appear at 9 a.m., when you’re awake, when darkness lifts its cloak and the world promises new possibilities.

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Saturday night at the local bar after meditating for 48 hours

On Thursday at 12 noon, sharp, I began meditating for 48 long hours.  OK, it wasn’t continuous meditating.  But it did involve turning off the Internet, email, Facebook, WordPress, the News, books, movies, magazines and other fine amusements.

Off went connection to the Larger World.  On went connection to the Inner World.  I sat for hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after long hour (did I mention how long the hours can seem when you’re simply sitting?) connecting with what is larger than our everyday affairs.

In honor of the Solstice, The End of the Mayan Calendar, and the Beginning of a New Time.  It wasn’t easy, my friends.  If you’ve ever retreated in this manner, you know.  It isn’t Easy.  Your inner self rebels.  It wants to reach for distraction after distraction.  It doesn’t care which distraction.  It just wants to fill the emptiness it perceives as annihilating.

It can be agonizing to sit, sit, sit, being present with only what arises.

Noon on Saturday found your blogger finishing her 48-hour commitment and finally checking in to this computerized world and shopping for Christmas goodies at the local store.

At 6 p.m. on Saturday evening she found herself utterly restless and begged her husband, “Can we go to da Finn’s?”

Huron Bay Tavern (aka Billy the Finn's)

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The joy and shame of stats

If I were a perfect person in a perfect world I would not care about stats.  (That’s what I tell myself.)

However, as an imperfect person in an imperfect world, may I share one of my greatest joys and shames with you?

I am a long-term lover of stats and the thrill of numbers.

They have made this heart race to the stars and back over the years.

A little background:  I am a financial person.  Two of my part-time jobs involve budgeting, comparing, saving, reporting and creating journal entries.

Oh how I’ve adored playing with numbers!  Up, down, backwards, forwards!  It’s like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle.  It’s been darn fun.

Daughter & me with jigsaw puzzle

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When a legally blind man calls you “Gorgeous”

Life is really super-duper absolutely inarguably funny.

Two days ago I wrote a Farewell for a Little While post.  See ya @ Thanksgiving, readers, because creative fields must lie fallow.  (Oh how Munira and Lisa and I love the word “fallow”.  Isn’t fallow the coolest word?)

I was so happy about my upcoming blogging break.

But the Universe had other plans.

Drum roll, please!

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I wish you passion and joy and sweet birdsong.


I wish this for you.

I wish you follow what brings your heart joy.

That you discover what zings and zaps your spirit–and let that delight you.

Whatever it might be.

If you love taking pictures, take a million photos and allow your happiness to bubble up and spill over into your computer, your blog posts, your art shows, your gifts.

If you love writing, write up a storm, my friend!  Let your delight sparkle like fireflies on warm dark August nights.

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somewhere between boredom & the pot of gold buried in our hearts

Soft raindrops

It’s still raining for something like the fifth straight day and I’m bored.

OK, OK, we humans are not supposed to be bored.  We’re supposed to be able to find something to do.

There are lots of things I could do.

You want a list?

OK, let me compile one.

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What a blast!


What a bloggy blast this week!

It’s been so fun–so very much fun–attempting to limit posts to 200 words.  It’s the greatest game!

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I wish you the very best. Always.

Ice forming

I am thinking about my friends this evening.

One friend awaits to discover tomorrow if lymphoma has deepened inside her; how far cancer extends its ever-extending reach.

Another friend nurses her parents; one with Parkinson’s Disease, the other with neurological challenges.

Another friend and blog reader awaits shoulder surgery.

Yet another pauses between meals without definitive income, wondering, always wondering, how shall she live, how shall she eat?

Another–yes, he’s a special friend–limps upon two challenged knees, always poised between improvement and surgery, always carefully watching every single step, lest he unexpectedly fall to the earth.

Another one awaits the revelation of a job interview, a grant application, a possible expansion.

I keep steadfastly finishing up tasks, errands, jobs, preparing to fly south next week.

It’s a tentative world.

I wish you all well.

I wish you all the very best.

I wish that your heart leaps joyously even amidst whatever pain or suffering or indecision or confusion you might find yourself.  I wish that it glimpses beauty in unexpected places.  I wish that it finds delight amidst life’s trials.

I do wish you the very best.  Always.



Black pearl of an evening…

Black Pearl band performs at the L'Anse Waterfront

They even have vendors--Nancy and Patty were selling driftwood guys. Isn't this one adorable?

Folks seemed to like the band. Soft rock, variety. Sweet music over the Keweenaw Bay.

Soft ambiance

Bike action


These kids were having so much fun. Can you feel their joy?


More fun on the beach


Little kid. Big stone.


Quiet beauty




Let's not forget the band is still playing...music everywhere in the park...harmonies across the waters...


Ahhh...late July perfection...

Stay tuned! 195 Baraga Pow Wow photos…

Innocent joy! (Still deciding whether I should go back again and take more photos...?) Don't worry, I'll probably only be able to show you a couple handful of them!