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Love letter to you, Dad, on Father’s Day

Dear Dad, Today hundreds of thousands of fathers will open Hallmark and American Greeting cards and read aloud loving sentiments shared by sons and daughters across the heart of this land. Perhaps they’ll wipe away a stray tear knowing they … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you women & men who’ve never given birth

Mother’s Day wishes are swirling all over the ‘Net.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day in honor of my precious babies who are now grown up.  Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mama Earth who helped birth all of us, big … Continue reading

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Blogging to illuminate, to reconcile

Lately I have been enjoying writing blogs that seem to reconcile stuck, limited, or judging viewpoints within. Something arises.  Some judgment, some feeling, some sorrow, something that’s not yet integrated. Perhaps it has to do with a friendship.  A sense … Continue reading

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Do you feel the pain?

…and then the unthinkable happens. Cancer knocks on your door.  While you slept an invasion of cells stole away your peace and now chemotherapy rules your days and nights, even though you swore, didn’t you swear?, that you would never … Continue reading

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When Death unexpectedly asks for the last dance…

How unexpectedly Death can knock on one’s door and steal away a loved one, a friend, a co-worker. One minute you can be talking and laughing and joking and making fun of what’s right and not right in the world…and … Continue reading

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This is so odd. No words have been rising recently. Have you experienced silent times when nothing–no matter how hard you try–wants to come forth? When the Universe issues a Silence Decree? When all the stories dry up and don’t … Continue reading

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Once upon a wedding…

Welcome to the wedding of our oldest child, Christopher, and his bride, Seunghye. Please come in the Villa Mare and enjoy our celebration.  (I am so glad to have you readers with us in spirit.  It makes for more rays … Continue reading

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I wish you passion and joy and sweet birdsong.

I wish this for you. I wish you follow what brings your heart joy. That you discover what zings and zaps your spirit–and let that delight you. Whatever it might be. If you love taking pictures, take a million photos … Continue reading

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Some day, politically speaking

Some fine day I will not ever again rise to the bait of beloved family members or dear friends who express opposing political opinions. Some day I will allow them, totally 100% allow them, their beloved opinions (whether I like … Continue reading

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Mean-hearted comments

I have such trouble figuring out people who can make mean comments. People who write or speak from their anger, their frustration, their fighting spirit. People who use their tongue or pen to maim, injure, destroy. I usual react the … Continue reading

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