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In which Ms. Amesyth Crystal takes an unexpected stroll

Yesterday, rather unexpectedly, Ms. Amesyth Crystal decided to go visiting her friends and neighbors. First, she paused on the yard, admiring her flower friends.

She hugged the melon family who was on its way to the compost bin.

She gasped upon discovering a dead shrew and paused respectfully beside it.

She admired a small mushroom near the garage.

She stopped to visit one of the children's old "forts".

She pondered life while surveying the '49 Studebaker pickup truck.

"Hello Quartz Sister! What's rockin' with you?"

"My goodness, someone still has a lot of wood to cut and split!"

"I, on the other facet, like to sit on wood," she announced regally.

"Oh look~~a garden! Since I am a healing crystal, I will work at sending healing energy to the garden. It looks like it might need some rain!"

In which Ms. Amesyth Crystal smiled sweetly at the blog readers and thanked them for the accompaniment on her unexpected stroll. "Let's stroll again some day, shall we?" .