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One bright magical shining leaf that was known as Camelot

Today I shall tell you the story of one bright shining magical yellow leaf. Before that tale births, may I share other stories of waves, sand, trees, autumn colors, and who knows what else? Last weekend we drove east and … Continue reading

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The grandkittens grow up into grandcats

This morning I would like to show you some photos of the grandcats.  Last summer I introduced them in their precious kittenhood with this blog post:  Did I forget to tell you I’m a grandma now?  Or you may have seen … Continue reading

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Tea on deck; perfect autumn afternoon

It’s a perfect Indian Summer afternoon here in the northwoods.  The temperature is a sultry 73 degrees (23 C). I’m drinking tea on the deck and feeling that delightful moment of grace when summer sings back into our lives for … Continue reading

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Missing it

Sometimes I truly miss my year-long outdoor blog commitment.  Some of you may remember Opening the door, Walking Outside.  From Solstice in December, 2008 through December 20, 2009, I spent time outside every day and blogged about it. It proved … Continue reading

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Ladies of the lake and other Lake Superior sunset photos

Friends, I am leaving again–heading downstate to visit my mom and dad and brothers and families–but still want to show you some sunset photos from an evening in Big Bay along Lake Superior last Friday night during the aforementioned book … Continue reading

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Oh, you, nature child

Oh, you, nature child, running free upon the earth, peering at frogs and snakes and puppy dog tails and wildflowers…I speak to you. Oh, you, grown-up person, all facts & figures, all planning & obligations, all trying to figure out how … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to scale down beside waterfalls.

I could tell you stories. Every walk in nature writes a novella. If you look carefully you can find the characters, the plot, the resolution. Would you like to read four short stories?  (I promise they shall be short.)  At … Continue reading

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