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The creature in our basement

 Alfred Hitchcock Horror Films! We folks who live in the North Woods sometimes host a very interesting visitor in our homes.  One that usually makes us feel a bit squeamish when we first see It. 

I suppose some people might exhibit actual panic when descending the stairway and finding themselves face-to-face with the above creature.  However, if you’ve lived here long enough, you might simply shudder inadvertently and then cheerily greet the visitor.

 “Hello, Pine Spider!”

Spider silently says hello

 Most people around here call the creatures “pine spiders”.  However, after diligently googling spider identification, I am not sure if we are correct.  Perhaps it’s a wolf spider. 

 It is maybe two inches round.  (I just scurried downstairs with the plastic green ruler to measure the circumference.  The spider dashed into a hole in the sliding glass frame and disappeared.  My unofficial measurement says 2.25 inches round.) 

 It really isn’t the spider itself which is scary.  It isn’t poisonous.  It is simply the shock of seeing the large creature materializing inside your house.  And then you have to decide how you’re going to lure it into a glass (utilizing a piece of paper) to let it free outside.

 No, dear reader, I would not kill it!

 However, since the inadvertent ruler incident, we shall have to wait until the spider reappears to conduct a Spider Rescue Mission.

 Actually, I have only spotted maybe  a half-dozen pine/wolf spider house guests during our habitation in the woods.  The worst spotting occurred back in 1985.

 I had been swooning, ill, on the couch for weeks, pregnant.  My hand flopped off the couch onto the floor.  One day something rolled under the couch and we were forced to move it.  Imagine my horror to discover that a pine/wolf spider was living directly under my pregnant body, about two inches from the swooning hand!!  That did not help the queasiness.

Tree falls on road near our house--branches everywhere!

On another note altogether, that was some wind last night!  You could hear several trees crashing outside.  When I returned from work a while ago, you could see the demise of one tree near our driveway.  It’s all over the road, hundreds of branches.  When Barry gets home from work, perhaps he’ll take his chainsaw and cut it up.  I’ll help him remove the branches from the road.  Luckily, it looks like cars can still maneuver around the fallen tree.

 Finally, I just liked the look of this tender young raspberry plant snaking up our mailbox post.  The way the green looks so vibrant. 

Young raspberry plant snakes up mailbox post.

Perhaps I should rescue the pine/wolf spider and place it near the raspberry plant?