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Weekly photo challenge: Leaf a comment, will you?

How the leaf actually looked.

Can you believe how the green life is slowly retreating from the leaf as it dies?

Leaf again.

Let’s play with the green leaf photographically-speaking, shall we?  How can we renew this dying leaf?

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Rhythms of retreat, reflection and ripe peaches

Peach divinity

Do you know how sweet and pungent peaches smell in late summer?  You breathe deeply the eau de peach–it’s like a fine wine–breathe deeper still–before the silver knife nicks fuzzy skin and slices deep into the essence of fruit.  You cut slices, long wedges, and before your fingers wait for milk and granola you bring sweet peach nectar to your lips and taste.

Magnificent peach!  There is nothing like it in the world.  You are in heaven.  Peach at perfect golden ripeness.  Ahhhh…exquisite joy of being alive!

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