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Slow down, you’re movin’ too fast, you got to make the morning last…

Sitting in a quiet house this morning sipping hot dark coffee with soy creamer from a deep blue mug.  Not running hither and yon, caught up in the what-must-be-done-next. Excuse me, I will wander out on the deck to give … Continue reading

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Goodness, the last two weeks have flown by like an eagle diving for lake trout. (OK, that’s may be the weirdest metaphor I’ve ever typed.) Goodness, it’s so very challenging when our grown children fly off into the friendly skies … Continue reading

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Whimsy in the Upper Peninsula

So Karma suggested a photo challenge:  Whimsy. (Click on the link to find her challenge.) My heart immediately melted because I LOVE whimsy. What, you ask, is whimsy? Google says: whim·sy ˈ(h)wimzē/ noun playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor. … Continue reading

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Let’s not even talk about mosquitoes.

1.  Let’s not even talk about the mosquitoes this year.  If you look out the bathroom window at 10 p.m. (assuming you are awake) you can count 35 hungry mosquitoes buzzing and buzzing and begging to come in the house to … Continue reading

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Slapping mosquitoes, picking off wood ticks and welcoming spring

Happy weekend, readers. The last day of May beckons. I just slapped a mosquito here in the house, ending its short buzzing life. They rise in clouds in the woods, singing their blood-sucking songs.  Barry thinks I exaggerate about the … Continue reading

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No swimming yet, kids

You may feel tired of seeing ice pictures. Many here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are weary, too, of the broken ice which swells into the bays of Lake Superior, then blows outward, then returns to us in patterns and reflections … Continue reading

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Almost Memorial Day weekend walking Marquette’s Lower Harbor

I so enjoyed a three-mile walk along Marquette’s Lower Harbor on Wednesday. ‘Twas another foggy day with chunks of ice melting in Lake Superior. Snapped fifty pictures of the ore dock, harbor, fish house, lighthouse, fisherfolk, marina, you name it. Am … Continue reading

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Ice melts.

You wonder about the story of our lives here in the Upper Peninsula? It could be summed up in two words:  Ice melts. Ice melts on the bays. Ice turns blue, shaky, unstable. Don’t walk on it. Turn, instead, toward … Continue reading

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Shoveling four feet of snow off our wood pile & other deep winter photos

Even though this long winter continues to snow and blow and freeze and fuss, I still think an icy snowfall sparkles beautifully. This morning, captured under the glow of our deck light, heavy wet snow dressed the woods in grandeur … Continue reading

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Snow deeper than your knees

Let’s walk to the mailbox, shall we? Barry is plowing snow today, thank goodness, for last night the tractor stopped dead as he plowed the twelve inches of new snow on the driveway. It simply stopped cold, done, finis. He … Continue reading

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