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what holds our sadness always, valentine?

who we are

who we are

what makes me sad is sharing half-truths.

no matter what we say it seems we can’t wrap the whole truth of life into 1,000 words, let alone a half sentence.

no matter what we say we can’t express the mystery.

sometimes that makes me very happy.  inexpressibly happy, even!  to not be able to express the mystery of life’s constant inexpressibility.  it’s a gift, really, a hidden gift, but a gift nonetheless.

sometimes we weep in frustration attempting to share what can’t be shared.

every time i type the word “i” it’s misunderstood, at least by myself.

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The earth says Happy Valentine’s Day to its 6,775,235,741 children!

Happy Valentine's Day, My Children.


I love you, my children.


I give you the fruit of my body so you can eat.


And eat.


And eat some more.


Every day I share my beauty with you.


And more beauty.


And more beauty...


And infinite more beauty...


To thank you for being here.


Happy heart day, my dear earth children!


I plant my seeds of love in you.