The Great Juicer Adventure

Oh, we were so wicked today.  So very wicked.

One minute we were sitting in our cozy house in the middle of the woods eating a late breakfast and thinking about the upcoming day.

The next minute one of us–which one was it??–dared to suggest the Wickedness.  A trip to Marquette.  Eighty miles away.  Just to…are you ready for this utter disregard for the environment, for gas mileage, for proprietry…to buy a Juicer.

Yes.  A Juicer. 

It all started innocently this morning.  I sat down at the computer, yawned, sipped coffee and stumbled upon a blog by a friend who claimed wonderful results after a week of using her Juicer.  Wanting to drink less coffee.  Wanting to eat healthier.  Feeling so much better about life.  And it was written in such a way that I suddenly KNEW that a Juicer was about to belong to our family.

Why it's a flying golf cart!

We had big plans.  We would return to that lovely Thai Restaurant and lick our lips and slowly savor delicious seafood and tofu dishes.  We would appreciate every morsel, including the delicious soup with fragrant lemon grass. 

Until…a couple hours later…driving by the Thai Restaurant we spotted the sign “CLOSED”.  Sigh…What was Plan B?  Quick thinking now!  We were hungry.  Where would we go? 

How about the Landmark Inn?

Off we went to enjoy the most delicious blackened salmon and southwest salads.  Mmmmm……  Oh it’s heaven to go to the city on the last day of an extended Christmas vacation!  Oh did we have fun today!

We don't even want to know the calories in these cakes.

After a visit to the Marquette Food Co-op where we loaded up with organic apples, pears, bananas and lemons (oh yes and a bunch of good green vegetables too) we began our earnest search for The Juicer which would make us instantly healthy, energetic and ready to soar in 2010.

We sure hoped we’d find the juicer.  Because, otherwise, I would have to find a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable recipes…

Where the ball drops in Marquette...

We passed a strange-looking lighted ball as we drove through Marquette.  Simultaneously, understanding struck.  We knew what it was.  It was the New Year’s Ball.  You know, the Times Square look-alike which drops from the top of a tall building as the crowd screams “Three, Two, One…!” at midnight as the New Year arrives.  This ball is, apparently, our North Woods equivalent.

On to Juicer-land.  Where to find the elusive magic machine?

We stopped at Kohl’s.  Walked inside.  Walked up to a display of three different Juicers.  Which one to buy?  Which one?  We fervently read all the advertisements on the box.  All about the large-mouth feeders, the motor speeds, the extraction technology, the pulp collectors.

How does a person decide?  (Those without the intelligence to study Consumer Reports in their excitement to dash from the house and travel 80 miles for this electronic gadget–something that this household rarely does.  Buy electronic gadgets, I mean.  We are not the usual gadget-purchasers.  In fact we try to avoid buying them.)  But here we were!  Standing breathless in front of three different models needing to decide.  Now.

And the winner was….and the winner was…. Jack laLanne’s POWER JUICER!!

It was on sale and it looked like the best option at the best price, although Consumers Report may say otherwise.  Please do not send comments and emails telling us about our mistake.  Please. 

My new plan in Life is to make fresh fruit juice early in the morning and bring it to work.  Sip on it instead of coffee. 

I will let you know how it works.

In the meantime, we are back home in our cozy little house in the Big Woods.  Here’s the view of our living room.  The TV hasn’t worked since the government decided to get rid of analog signals last June.  Even though we bought the appropriate little gadget designed to translate analog to digital signals, it still doesn’t work.  Apparently we’re too rural.  The television company promises to strengthen its signal in the near future.  We’ll see.

Let’s hope the Juicer works better than the TV box.   🙂

Welcome to our cozy living room

P.S.  Since some of you asked…here’s the scoop about that back wall.  It’s unfinished drywall.  The joints are taped but not mudded, and it’s stuccoed with plaster of paris.  (so sayeth Barry.)

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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29 Responses to The Great Juicer Adventure

  1. Dawn says:

    I think a juicer is much more important than a TV to the well being of a family! Enjoy!

  2. Cindy Lou says:

    Jen’s mother-in-law has one and loves it! Can’t wait to hear how it works for you guys….maybe we’ll get one, too. Oh and thanx for the decadent-looking desserts – I’m going back on Weight Watchers tomorrow!?!?!

    • Kathy says:

      The only challenge with this juicer may be the clean-up. It takes LOTS of work to clean it, let me tell you. Didn’t those desserts look yummy? Probably half the nation needs to go on Weight Watchers after the holidays!

  3. Susan D. says:

    Hee-hee … there is something so healthy-defiant about throwing censors to the wind on the last day of vaca and heading out for an item that suddenly seems “must-have.” I did the same thing re: a printer, scanner, copier and got one. The only thing it doesn’t do is juice!

    I have heard great things about the model you chose. May it grace you with delicious concoctions of nature’s bounty!

    • Kathy says:

      Throwing censors to the wind! Heading forth to the Big City! Congrats on your printer, scanner and copier, Ms. D. I wouldn’t try to juice with it though. ha ha. Looking forward to a “green” drink tomorrow.

  4. Lucienne says:

    Juicing is good. I used to have a juicer and made carrotjuice which I absolutely love. The only part I disliked was cleaning the damn thingie. Since I dont have a juicer anymore I make smoothies because that’s the only way I’ll eat fruit. Ok I’ll eat rasp- and blackberries in season but otherwise I’m not a great fruit eater unless I make my wonderful juices. I just mix all with the blender and zooof delicious load of vitamin drinks. Much better than from the store, no sugars and artifical bullshit. Every day
    So happy juicing! A great way to start 2010.
    Btw I still drink coffee, lol.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes indeed. Cleaning the damn thingee. I can see this is going to be a chore. Especially hard to do before work in the morning. (Luckily Barry volunteered to clean it before work this morning, can you imagine?) You know, I understand your challenge with fruit. I don’t usually like to eat it plain. Adding it to grain dishes for breakfast works.

      But am feeling so light already! And didn’t want coffee, strange thing. But still had a couple cups of tea. And then a huge raw veggie salad for lunch.

      Your smoothies sound luscious, just luscious.

  5. Gerry says:

    Wait, wait – a flying golf cart? Never mind the juicer – I want one of those!

  6. flandrumhill says:

    Like Lucienne, I also ditched my juicer because it was such a big deal to clean. My favorite ‘gadget’ is a paring knife.

    I’m a big water drinker. Drinking water more frequently totally eliminated my headaches and heartburn. The water from fruits and vegetables is so good for you too. Cheers to your good health!

    • Kathy says:

      Amy, I hope I don’t end up ditching Ms. Juicer due to those cleaning challenges. But I am not usually fond of gadgets at all, either. We’ll see. I actually have trouble drinking lots of water. Isn’t that strange? I drink lots and lots of hot tea, trying to make at least half non-caffeinated. But today, after drinking juice, I suddenly wanted water. Interesting, huh?

  7. fountainpen says:

    Well, Centria, I just smiled at your comment about your TV…..ME TOO!!!!!
    I had all the stuff to get it work in June, and I had two wonderful human beings who absolutely thought they were hooking it up correctly…..and lo!
    It did not work, and does not work…..AND……

    I can get what news I want from my computer….and I have so much more time in the evenings, so much more time……..

    It really has helped me simplify my life…..never tried juicers, but have thought about it from time to time……


    • Kathy says:

      Fountainpen, not you too? TV-less? Yes, it does certainly simplify our lives. (Like you, I’ll just look at the news on the computer…) Before this I thought about juicers from time to time too, but never “bit”. Yesterday was a surprise, indeed.

  8. p.j. grath says:

    Well, now I’m the one feeling bad, bad, bad, because I’m drinking coffee as I catch up on the blog world. Had to remind myself when I looked at my list that “Lake Superior Spirit” is Kathy’s new name!

    We’ve been over a year without TV. True, we watch a lot of movies on the old TV set, but no more click-click-click through junk-junk-junk. We’re getting more reading done (yea!!!) and listening to more music and radio.

    I hope Snowbound Books is still cranking away in Marquette?

    • Kathy says:

      Oh no Pamela one must never feel bad about drinking coffee! I am actually convinced it’s good for some people. Read a study once that coffee-drinkers outlive non-coffee drinkers. Do you believe that one?

      Yes, we movies on our TV now. That seems to work just fine. Sometimes Barry wishes he could see the local weather station, but I assure him he should just look out the window, LOL.

      Snowbound Books…how I love that shop! Just bought something there last month…the title is now escaping Memory. It seems to be doing OK. I certainly hope so!

  9. Emma says:

    Oh, the juices you will juice!

    I hope they are tasty and enlivening! I’ve heard lots of good things about juicers, too. 🙂

  10. Kathy,
    What a great lil adventure, love the flying golf cart…lol. As for the juicer, I would have done the same thing. For chistmas the bro in law actually went to bed bath an beyound to by us a food dehydrator…now to find good fresh fruit that isn’t already going bad. Might have to take my own trip 80 miles to T.C. just so I can try it out before spring, Peanut loves the dried fruit so much more than that processed stuff.
    As for no T.V. we finally invested in Netflix, no thanks to the government. I contacted stupak, but you know how that goes, he gave me a number to call and complain…lets just say they told me it was my choice to live out in the bfe and I had to live with it or move closer to town! really? it’s not like it is that easy to move to town when you live in your dream home. I guess to say the least you and I are screwed until the economy gets better, or we do the unthinkable…waste money to have satelitte…I think I’ll stay with netflix (at least I can watch what I want), can’t see how a signal will travel through two ridges anyway.
    O’ and on a side note(thought you might get a kick out of it) I kissed a bull elk with my jeep a few weeks ago. No damage, thank goodness, but it was still pretty amazing to see an animal the size of my car standing right there…of course I didn’t get a picture though, almost pee’d my pants, thought he was going to charge me…but he just gave me a look like “gee thanks lady, you just ruined my night” and hoped the fence to the field. You’d think I’d see him again, nope, just tracks. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      NLSM, you are the same distance away from Traverse City as we are from Marquette. Have fun with that food dehydrator! I dried quite a bit of fruit this past year. The best were apples. Yum!

      When you wrote “I kissed a bull elk” my first thought was…you kissed a bull elk. Not noticing the next words “with my jeep”!! I thank that was an outdoor adventure to tell your grandchildren! Thank goodness you didn’t have any damage. But too bad you didn’t get a shot of that. so hard to get those spur-of-the-moment animal encounter photos…

  11. Jane says:

    Tooo funny, I know Natue Momma from my long lost blog pal, Paula in Austrailia! Any hoo… you won’t believe this but I am your neighbor.. I know I talked to you on the phone re. our taxes when we first moved up here 3 years ago… Of course we read the Sentinal and know of your hubby through his column … Small world !!!!!
    I’m Jane and live up on Roland Lake Rd… A good pal of mine happens to be Max’s daughter in law Barb.. We do the quilt guild together, along with Sue Meir from Skanee too…
    I’ve looked over your blogs… too funny that what you post is so much my life!! Of course we’ll have to meet up sometime… I know a few people up here but not many… All my folks are downstate… We came here for the peace and quiet of life… We found it… My blog and the online groups I belong with keep me SANE… Amen for the internet here!!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      Jane, I am so excited to meet a fellow blogger and neighbor! I DO remember talking with you on the phone… We will definitely have to get together and compare stories about…all sorts of things. Looking forward to getting to know you better in person and by reading your blog.

  12. I love my juicer, I don’t love cleaning it. Heehee, I like doing such crazy things, spur of the moment things – they make life more flavorful 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Iris, isn’t it fun to just leap into the car (or into the woods?) and head off on an adventure? And I am wondering…sometimes, as with all things in life…don’t we have to take the good with the bad? Errr, I mean the juice with the cleaning? LOL!

  13. Martha says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Yup, I’m finally here. Just a leeeetle slow! 🙂 So happy you had a good juicer adventure! How much fun is that? Good food and flying golf carts and a good, safe trip!… and bringing home a juicer! Well, I think the Jack La Lane is a good choice, although some people don’t like them. But who cares? There’s this whole Juicer? or VitaMix? thing. I guess we all need something to keep us busy. Yes, the cleaning part IS the thing, isn’t it? And I was thinking exactly the same thing you were, that I could take the juice to work, but the trick is to get the juicer cleaned before work. Can you believe I actually plan to get up earlier in the morning to have time to clean it??? 🙂 I’m Ms. “I hate to get up in the morning,” so I’m really hoping I can make that change. The coffee? Yes, I still do drink less, and I still don’t notice any “withdrawal” symptoms. Yea!!! 🙂 Let’s keep each other updated on our juicer-progress, OK?

    • Kathy says:

      Martha, yep, some people have already told me “You should have bought an easier-to-clean model.” Alas. Well, no matter what, I am enjoying the fruits of this juicer (pun intended!) I will also take your advice–offered elsewhere–to start adding celery into the mix. That sounds like a plan.

      As for juicing before work: have already stopped that. Only on non-work days! Which would be a challenge if working full-time.

      As for coffee, I am still drinking some. Not a lot, but some. Yes, let’s keep each other apprised on our Juicing Revelations. Sounds like a plan!

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  15. Reggie says:

    What is it with calling cake ‘Death by chocolate’?!

    We get that here too – and we also get a particularly decadent chocolate ice-cream called ‘Death by chocolate’, which I really like, but everytime I eat it, part of me wonders if I’m going to choke on a piece, or die because there’s a peanut hidden in there somewhere and I’m allergic to peanuts.

    Can’t they rather call it ‘Ecstasy by chocolate’? Or ‘The Thrill of Chocolate’? Or ‘Seventh Heaven’? Or anything like that? I mean, who wants to die eating their most favourite treat in the whole wide world?!!

    On a more positive note – congratulations on purchasing a juicer. We have one too, and I LOVE using it to mak carrot and apple juice (my fave), although it’s a real chore to clean. I always think that having a freshly made juice is like having a complete meal; it fills one up with all sorts of goodness and all those concentrated vitamins.

    • Kathy says:

      Reggie, it’s a good thing I came back here and read this blog. I couldn’t remember writing anything about “Death by Chocolate”. LOL…now I remember! Thank you for your congratulations. We have thoroughly enjoyed our juicer. Carrot and apple is a grat combination. Maybe I will have some tomorrow. No, we still have pineapple left to juice. It does make you feel so good and healthy after drinking one.

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