Creativity. Take Two.

Three snow-covered barrels

Remember yesterday’s assignment?  Take a stroll around your favorite city block (town block or country block will work as well) and snap six photographs.

Open your creative eyes.  Look around as if you’ve just landed on the planet.  Let’s say you’ve arrived from Mars.  Or Jupiter.

You must look with amazement at whatever presents itself, and then photograph it.

Creativity is your only master, your only guide.  Consult her wisely.

Canoe in sky

When I attempted to fulfill the assignment I found more than six likeable photos.  Therefore, tonight’s blog adds some additional pictures.  Although my husband didn’t particularly love the barrels, I found them enchanting.  I am still amazed how differently we look at the world, and how different photos intrigue different folks.

He, on the other hand, liked the canoe photo.  (I would have never showed it to you at all.)

Twenty chillin' Below

Can you believe we now have a store in Houghton called Twenty Below?  It’s on Main Street, Shelden Avenue.  Where else in the country would a shop advertising freezing cold weather draw customers?  Only in the U.P…

Lamplit gargoyle

The Douglass House, originally a local hotel, now houses senior citizens.  It is one of the oldest and most unique buildings in town.  If you’re seeking interesting photographs, look for old buildings.  They so often shine with character.  Gargoyles beam down from above doorways.  Lamps illuminate.  The old buildings often seem enchanted.  (I’m sure that’s because ghosts roam the hallways…)

My friend Terrill has a new blog called Creative Potager.  Please stop by and visit her creative on-line space.  She has prompted me to think about creativity on and off all day.  Today she asked a “sprout” question:  What creativity might be hidden in your shadow?

Of course I couldn’t think of a single answer, even though I’ve been photographing snow shadows all day in the incredibly luxurious warm tropical temperatures.  We had (are you ready for this??)  SUNLIGHT  and 47 blessed degrees.

How lucky are we? 

Unless you are an ice fisherman or woman who thinks the temperature must remain below freezing for six months of the year in order to better freeze the ice.  Then you scowl and frown and mutter against the warmth.

I am very grateful only to be an itinerant ice fisherwoman.  Therefore, I can celebrate.  Hurray!!

Happy Warm Winter Day to all of you.

Hello windows...

P.S.  Also please check out Sahlah’s blog.  She already posted her six photos and they are wonderfully creative!

P.S.S.  And Dawn’s blog!

P.S.S.S.  And if you’re still excited scurry over to flandrumhill’s blog

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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8 Responses to Creativity. Take Two.

  1. Artist says:

    Creativity means walking with open eyes through our world. Great post and pics.

  2. Martha says:

    Your work and your sharing of it are truly inspiring! Thank you!

  3. Dawn says:

    OK, I have accepted your challenge. My six are up on my blog! Thank you for the challenge!

  4. Kathy says:

    I am so excited that you accepted the challenge, Dawn. For anyone who is reading these comments go to Dawn’s blog at

    I am also going to list your blog in the main text of this blog. Way to go!

  5. Cindy Lou says:

    The Douglas House is one of my favorite buildings in Houghton….you have some great, creative photos of it!

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