I ran away from home again…

What might this be...

Took my little red wagon (errr…my silver Buick) and headed down the driveway.  Goodbye, wood stove.  Goodbye, house.  Goodbye, Barry.  

Oh dear, this happens quite regularly.  One minute you’re sitting there in the house checking email and fiddling your thumbs and the next minute The Urge strikes.  It comes like clockwork on these cold winter days.  Sometimes twice a winter.  

You HAVE to go to the city.  You HAVE to go to Marquette. 

(You see it’s really not running away…it’s running Toward.  Running toward Thai restaurants, cafes which serve vegetarian entrees, coffee shops, bookstores, shops, movie theatres, bagels with strawberry cream cheese, co-ops, motels, and Infinite Possibility.) 

At least that’s my justification tonight.  🙂 

And this...

OK, I’ve lost the camera. It’s somewhere in the car, I’m sure. I remember hiding it so the passing petty thief wouldn’t see the Sony Cybershot and think, “I want to steal it.”  Just can’t recall where I hid it.  It’s not in Backpack #1 or Backpack #2 or Purse #1 or Coat Pockets #1 or #2.  It must be hiding under something in the front seat.  

But never fear!  Lookee!  I have photos for you.  Uploaded quickly after I announced to Barry at 3:30 this afternoon, “Barry, I HAVE to go to Marquette.” 

He is an angel, you know.  Because he never says, “Kathy, what are you talking about?  Can we afford this?  Why do you have to go?”  No, my angel-husband always says, “OK, honey, go ahead.  Have fun!”  I mean how lucky can I get?  Someone who supports a need for travel, for freedom, for exploring New Ports and New Sights. 

I said, “Oh, let me upload these photos quickly.  Tonight in the coffee shop I’ll post a blog which is a guessing game.  People can guess what these photos are.” 

And that is why these odd photos find themselves in the midst of a blog about running away from home.  You can put your guesses in the comment section.  Maybe you’ll know easily.  Maybe they aren’t even hard objects/scenes to identify.  I’ll tell you tomorrow in the comment section, OK? 

Please guess the context of this picture.

Oh I am so full.  Dinner at the Thai restaurant:  Winter Squash and Shrimp, with rice.  Oh, very delightful.  The winter squash wore its green skin.  I have read about people eating the skin of winter squash, but never dared.  Until tonight.  Very tasty, although the texture challenged the usual squash-registering taste buds.  I noticed some long slivers of red peppers lingering among the squash.  Should one sample? Was this a hot or mild red pepper? 

In the mouth went half the long slender reed of red pepper sliver.  What would it be?  I immediately knew.  Tears began to stream out of the eyes.  Water, water, where’s the water??  Ahhh, there’s the water.  Long, cool sip.  Grab the napkin.  Blow nose.  Vow not to eat another bite of that inconspicuous red pepper. 

The chef stopped by the table later.  “It wasn’t too hot, was it?” he asked.  “No, no,” I said, “as long as I stayed away from the red pepper.”  

The restaurant remained surprisingly empty. 

“I am sorry you aren’t more busy,” I said to the chef. 

“It’s too cold for people to be out,” he explained. “They don’t want to leave their houses.” 

(It is 8 degrees.) 

Hmmm, people don’t want to leave their houses.  Wonder why I choose one of the coldest nights in January to “run away” and visit the city? 

I should have replied, “If people are cold, all they have to do is bite into one of those hot red peppers…” 

Will let you know about the excitement in the city tomorrow.  And show you some pics.  IF I can find the camera.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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11 Responses to I ran away from home again…

  1. OK, I am guessing: I love your quizzes.

    It’s a hollow tree burl, with 6 potato sprouts in it, but where is the potato?
    and the next is a rock painted to look like a Hubble telescope photo.
    And the last is your bathroom window, after a shower.
    How’d I do?

  2. fountainpen says:

    Context of last picture is………..looking from your car, through on of the
    car windows after part of it has had the water droplets removed before
    the picture was taken…….


  3. Kiah says:

    Carla guessed everything I was going to say! Except I would guess dried flowers in the wooden bowl-like thing that I’ve never thought to label in all the years I’ve seen it. (I’m still on the labeling issue, if you can tell). And the last photo I also guess to be the bathroom window, but after a bath instead of a shower.

  4. Dawn says:

    Great story today. #1 is a wooden bowl containing flower petal offerings. #2 is a magic rock you rub and then depart on time travel and #3 your bathroom window after a shower.

    I also did a drawing for you from yesterday. I’ll get to posting it later! 🙂

  5. Gerry says:

    The last one’s at the carwash. The dryer is blowing the little droplets across the windshield.

    The first one – I would bet on it being a root burl with those little slivers of red pepper in it, but you said you uploaded these before you left home. Hmm. OK, I think it’s withered bits fallen from a Christmas cactus.

    The middle one isn’t just painted, it’s wrapped in something. Huh. It’s sitting on carpet. It looks like a hacky-sack stuffed with a rock. Or maybe a lump of melted countertop stuff. This does not make sense.

    Have a good time the Big City. Eat some good Thai food for me. Wrap the peppers up in a napkin and send them to me.

  6. Dawn says:

    1. Wood bowl with dried petals from chrysanthemum?
    2. A school project painted rock to be sold at a craft show?
    3. A window steamed up because it’s lost it’s argon gas?

    I want to run away to Marquette too! And I need to get my drawing done. Tomorrow for sure. Of something I don’t know what.

  7. Cindy Lou says:

    Others already chose my guesses but what fun to see how creative everyone is! I want one of the ‘time-travel rocks.’ I do love your quizzes and your runaways!

  8. Emma says:

    I’m not going to look at the other guesses yet. Here are mine!

    1. A giant walnut fills with water after years and years. Fish begin to live in the water. It’s a magical pond.

    2. The universe being born.

    3. You rolled down the car window to take a photo!

    You’re fun! 🙂

  9. cloud says:

    A gift from Buffy, I’d recognize her work anywhere. Oh yeah, rhymes with myrtle.

  10. Kathy says:

    OK. Clearing throat. Time for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Are you ready? Are you really ready? Here we go (and I think everybody guessed some part of the quiz right.)

    1) a wooden “burl” which floated in from Lake Superior many years ago. The pink flowers are Christmas cactus petals which drop unto our carpeting daily.

    2) Rhymes with myrtle indeed! This is a turtle shell rattle, a wonderful gift painted by my friend Melinda (aka Buffy). And yes, Emma, it IS the universe being born.

    3) Our bathroom window…yes…after a bath. But it was only about 1/3 inch of condensation on the window. I was thrilled because I played with the camera for five minutes to get the droplets stand out like that.

    Thank you all for playing! Let’s do it again soon, shall we?

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