Afternoon meander to the mailbox

Barry's red 1949 Studebaker truck

Maybe six inches of snow in the driveway.  Plowing scheduled for this evening.  First photographic subject:  The Studebaker.  Only because it’s red.  A beginning photography blog suggested one photographs bright colors in snowy scenes.  Thus:  the brightest light in our driveway.

Tire tracks in snow

Because I don’t obey suggestions very well:  study photographic subject #2. White snowy tire tracks with blue shadows.  Look at its artistic curve.  Just think how many artistic pictures our tires draw daily.

Baby spruce and tennage spruce trees

The spruce children waved as I passed.  Covered with snow, they still said hello.  We see one another almost daily.  They are growing like–not weeds–trees.  Their grandmother stands nearby, a majestic beauty soaring toward the heavens.

Grandma Spruce

It is good to photograph spruce because they wear deep green clothing.  Like the Studebaker, they stand out in the landscape of gray tree branches and bark and trunks and white snow.

Another view of Granny.

A stunning find on the way back to the house, near the garage! Loops of extension cord winding around and around, diving in and out of the snow, playing.  (You can tell the cord is playing, right?)  And it’s orange.  Bright color against white.

Loops of the extension cord buried in snow

Finally, the yellow of the tractor tire winked out of the snow.  It wore a snow haircut.  That very same tire will soon be moving in the driveway, plowing the snow into banks.  The tractor itself is red, but I figured we already were saturated in red photos after the Studebaker.  Yep.  The tractor-operator just left the house headed for a Plowing Mission.

Yellow tractor tire

I suppose you’re wondering if we got any mail.  The answer is yes.  Unfortunately, mostly work for my job.  A couple end-of-year bank statements.  Some junk mail.  No personal letters today.  No checks.

Nonetheless, it was a very profitable trip to the mailbox.  Can you tell?

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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10 Responses to Afternoon meander to the mailbox

  1. Dawn says:

    My favorite photo is grandma tree up in the air, though I really liked the Studebaker and especially liked the art by tire photo!

  2. fountainpen says:

    I like Grandmother spruce way up in the sky….
    Did you ever post your answer about the three pictures you
    invited us to identify several days ago?

    I have not seen your responses if you posted them…….



  3. Gerry says:

    Oh my, I do like the Studebaker. Also the truck tire. Go figure. I would like some of that sunshine, too.

  4. flandrumhill says:

    Your spruce trees are dressed with icing just like mine. Aren’t they beautiful! That grandmother tree takes the cake.

  5. Kathy says:

    Thank you all. Anyone looking for results of the Guessing Game, please look under the comment section of

    It certainly is beautiful outside these days with that snowy icing and sunshine and spruces and all these exciting colors.

  6. Cindy Lou says:

    I love that old truck! My friend, Roger, has a light blue, 1953 Ford F150 that I also love…..keep teasing him that he should put me in his will! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Maybe you’re already in the will! Or maybe you could talk that Mr. Johnny into getting you one. Have you tried that? LOL…it might just work!

  7. goldnsilver says:

    Your world is just so different to mine (I’m from Aus)! It’s so beautiful. I just want to dive in that snow!

    • Kathy says:

      Hi goldnsilver…it is beautiful! I wish you could come and dive in for an afternoon. Be sure to bring some warm clothes, though! Never mind, you can borrow my grandma’s snowmobile suit from the early 1970’s. You’ll be nice and warm.

  8. goldnsilver says:

    1970’s snowmobile suit…I’m there!

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