It was warmer today in the Upper Peninsula than in southern Florida!


Look at that temperature!


No kidding.  We talked with Barry this morning in the Upper Peninsula and he said temperatures were in the 60’s.  I didn’t think much about this until we drove off the south end of the island.

We were shopping at Coconut Point. It’s a giant outdoor mall.  The kind of place that shoppers love.  It’s got everything.

We looked at the thermometer in the car.  58 degrees.

Was this a bad joke?  Could it be warmer back at home than in the tropics of southern Florida?

St. Patrick’s Day parade on Fort Myers Beach

Seriously, we weren’t upset.  We had a great day.  Let’s backtrack.  My mom and I decided to venture out into the rainy drizzle this morning.  We brought our big maroon umbrella.  Kiah and Dad chose to stay inside.  They raised their eyebrows as we left.  We said, “We might be back in two minutes if it’s raining too hard.”

Doggie Bride and Groom. Honest.

We found ourselves in the middle of the island’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.  The condo floats lined up in Santini Plaza, ready to go.  We headed into the midst of the pre-parade excitement.  Barry always takes photos before the local parades, so I knew the routine.  Mom and I mingled among the golf carts and parade participants.  I snapped photos.

We really liked the little bride and groom dogs, with their cart dragging cans and proclaiming “Just Married”.  The male dog started howling.  He didn’t seem happy about the marriage.

Simple language of shells and sticks

We upped the umbrella and walked toward the beach.  Later, we put down the umbrella.  Then put it up.

We decided we were having loads of fun, pushing the edges of our comfort zone, walking in the raining.  We saw only two other people on the beach.  The others didn’t know what they were missing.

Open shell

Today was our Last Full Day in southern Florida.  In fact, Kiah and I will fly to our respective homes (New York City and the Upper Peninsula) early early early tomorrow morning.  We’re leaving the condo with my dad as chauffeur at 5 a.m.  Kiah will reach NYC around 11 a.m., but I won’t be back in L’Anse until late afternoon.

Swell of a jellyfish

What a lovely time we’ve experienced!  Last night we attended the Dinner Theatre, watching “The King and I.”  This afternoon we met my brother Tim and his wife Michele at Coconut Point and lunched at a restaurant called The Grape.  Most of our party departed for shopping adventures.  Dad and I settled ourselves in Barnes and Noble.  We looked for books.  I found four that looked interesting (having forgotten my list of books-to-read at the condo) and we settled down in the coffee shop for a Frappucino.

Three birds. Three shadows.

Kiah and I are now debating whether to scurry downstairs and swirl in the whirlpool–one last time.

Thank you all for joining us for our Florida adventures.  (Although you may get one other Florida post tomorrow night.)

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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11 Responses to It was warmer today in the Upper Peninsula than in southern Florida!

  1. Gerry says:

    Great clowns! Clowns never let a little rain keep them from being themselves. OK, I guess that strictly speaking they’re not being themselves exactly, but . . .

    The birds and their shadows are a fine composition. I like the way the shadows look almost like fish.

  2. Okay Kathy how did you get those seagulls to line up and stand on one leg at the same time? They are as good as the clowns:)

    Oh my with that warm weather I am going to be way out on the snow count.

    Glad to see you are enjoying your vacation. Terrill

  3. On second look those birds probably are not seagulls but some other shore birds – maybe that is why they are so well behaved.

  4. les da' prez says:

    Doggie pics… I always like the doggie pics…

  5. Cindy Lou says:

    From clowns and newlywed puppies to pearly purple “angel wings”….what a delightful day, Miss Kathy! Safe travels to all…..:)

  6. Barbara says:

    Have a safe trip, Kathy. The last time we went to Florida, in January ’09, they had a hard freeze. And for two wedding anniversary trips, in May ’95 and May ’00, which were supposed to be ideal weather temperature-wise, both times the heat index was over 100 degrees! We’ve given up on Florida!!! 🙂 The three birds, three shadows picture was great – love it!

  7. Hey, you are coming back to warmer weather and I bet that snowpile is almost gone. Have enjoyed your adventures and photos. Safe journey.

  8. p.j. grath says:

    I envy you finding a jellyfish entire like that. Glad you enjoyed your visit, despite cold.

  9. Kathy says:

    Thanks you guys! Florida is already starting to feel like a dream…and I’ve only been home a few hours. What a fun time it was. And how quickly the week passed! It just started, and then we blinked, and it was over.

    Had to laugh–I made so many grammatical and punctuation mistakes in this blog post last night. Still correcting them. Must have been too tired to write a blog!

    (And we did go down to the whirlpool last night.)

    Thanks for the accompaniment. Just spelled that wrong three times, LOL. Still might not be right…

  10. pearlz says:

    I really like the images of the beach, we live near the beach and I went out the other day looking for things that spoke to me in terms of artistry on the beach.

    I like the way you have loads of photographs in your blogs, it makes it so much easier to read and picture your world- thanks!.

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