Anger strikes! (Nature to the rescue…)

I felt angry this afternoon.  Nothing big.  Nothing major.  Someone said something and the swift lightening of rage struck my heart.  For ten minutes.  OK, maybe more. 

You know how it is.  You feel misunderstood.  You feel like you couldn’t communicate something.  You feel unheard.  You feel inadequate.  You feel like the other person is inadequate. It happens to all of us.

Sometimes it's a sepia-colored world

I’m not usually angry.  In fact, anger rarely rears its rear hooves and snorts like a buck in the forest.  If it does rise, it usually doesn’t last long.

Did you know there  is a secret way to tame the wild beast?  Lean close.  I shall share it with you now.

Sometimes the pillows of white clouds rest in tree branches

You head outside in nature.  First, you walk.  You walk wherever your feet decide to lead, without allowing the Mind to perpetuate a story of why the person is absolutely wrong and you’re absolutely right or why you’re absolutely wrong and the person is absolutely right.  (Depending on whether you’re a person who projects your anger outward or inward.  OK, sometimes we do both.)

Every time the Mind starts its crazy raging litany, curve your mouth upward in a smile and feel your feet against the earth.  Sweep your eyes across the landscape, looking for interesting sights.  Breathe deeply.  When the angry feeling rises again, repeat.  Smile slightly, sweep eyes across the landscape, breathe, feel your feet.

White fungus covers dying tree on forest floor

Oh my!  you think.  Look at the angle of that dying white fungus.  Oh my!  you think, look at the clouds in the sky.  Oh my, you think, look at that pretty poplar fuzzy-flower.

After awhile, you notice that you’re really not quite so angry.  (This is Nature’s answer to counting to ten.)  Now comes the second part. 

Find a good place to sit on the earth.  Maybe lean against a tree.  Simply sit and breathe.  Allow your eyes to softly take in the forest floor, the trees, the spring greenery.  Let the eyes decide where they want to look.  If angry thoughts arise–you know the routine.  Back to simply being present.

If you’re still feeling particularly bothered, try this.  Every time the thoughts start the crucifixion of yourself or the other person again, imagine green light-energy coming up through the roots of the earth and entering your body.  As soon as your inner ranting dialogue has ceased, you can continue simply being present in the landscape, softly surveying nature.  If it starts again, simply imagine the green root-light filling your body.  Imagine leaves sprouting out of your head.

Aren’t you feeling much more relaxed now?  It’s a half hour later–or maybe an hour–and you’re suddenly not so angry.  In fact, much of the anger has simply–poof!–disappeared.  Gone. 

If you like, softly turn your thoughts toward the angry situation.  If you feel anger arising in your body, imagine the green light of the forest entering into the anger, dissolving the edges.  If you like, you can now look at the situation more rationally.  You can now move from a place of action, rather than re-action.

OK, we’re not really that angry any more, are we?  Nature hath come to the rescue once again!  Isn’t she such a help?  Isn’t she the best counselor in the world?

As for me, strangely enough…I can barely remember why I was angry!

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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19 Responses to Anger strikes! (Nature to the rescue…)

  1. Fantastic post, Kathy – I love this! And I very much appreciate when you said:

    “You can now move from a place of action, rather than re-action.”

    Thank you.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the words of wisdom Kathy. I find myself more prone to anger since everything happened last year. I don’t necessarily go out for a walk but I find I calm down by even sitting outdoors on the deck for a while.

  3. Barb says:

    Hi Kathy,
    My friend, who was born and raised near you, has taught me to take a walk and pretend that the back of my head is opening like a trap door. All negative thoughts, angry feelings, bad karma – fall out as I walk away. A few minutes is all it takes to rid myself of negativity. Maybe Lake Superior people are all wise.

  4. In my favorite books about Kristin Laavransdatter by Sigurd Undset, there is a passage about anger- taking it outside under the sky…I wish I could recall the exact wording,but you, my Kathy are exactly right. Take it outside where the beautiful world can work on us a bit. Such balm the wonders of creation are. Love to you on this balmy day, S

  5. Snoopykg1 says:

    Well Kathy are you not the smrt one tonight!

    I just almost blew it in anger with my husband tonight….
    I just got a call from his friend who realy needed to talk with him. Mike had fallen asleep on his lazy boy in the basement, well let me say first it is really not a good thing to go into the bears den. I woke Mike up, he growled a bit and took the call. Well he just hung up and went back to lie down. Let me tell you. I have not been down the basement for several months, as I usually avoid it and then I don’t get angry! Basically being ,proactive then reactive.
    I looked around and oh my God, as God is my witness I almost blew a gasket. I walked over, Mike laid there half asleep and said ” I am very ashamed. you went golfing all week last week with your son and the basement looks like this, was there not one day you could possibly devote to this!! Oh, I might have even taken pictures I still might.
    I walked upstairs and then saw your blog….

    All this after not more than an hour ago he was complaining to my son that his room was not cleaned up appropriately! LOL

    Then I also see Lauries post about action rather than re-action..But Laurie if you come help me clean the basement, as she lives not very far from me, I think I would have to kill her first because she might see some very frightening sights, not to mention if she opened the freezer, Mike might be there! The only thing that is saving Mike is that he is leaving very early in the morning and I will not see him! ok now Breatheeeeee

  6. Marianne says:

    Very soothing, Kathy! I especially love the picture with the tree, the sky and that big fluffy white cloud. The colors are so rich and clear. And I love the reflection of the trees in the water on the deck in the first picture.

  7. Reggie says:

    That was such wise and practical advice on releasing anger, Kathy. You are right to say that we’ve all been there, and we probably all will be in an anger-provoking situation again (why is it that others know which buttons to push?!) – so now you’ve shown us a good way of dealing with it. Bless you!

  8. maussie says:

    Nice advice, Kathy :); and beautiful pictures too.

    I also have a habit of grabbing my bag and getting out of the house when I’m angry… by all means, avoid driving too.

  9. les da' prez says:

    Shaking away that negativity…. It wastes so much energy… Thank you Kathy…

  10. jeffstroud says:

    Can I relate to this or what? Thank you for sharing the wisdom of the ages, that you for caring for yourself so well, that you know how to manage your world when it gets upside down…

    It is so true, breath, take a walk in your quiet place, the wood, the beach, breath and observe… Maybe we would learn to do it even when we are not angry, therefore holding the peace of mind/harmony most all the time…

    Well done!

    I am Love, Jeff

  11. flandrumhill says:

    Nature can be such a healer for all that ails the body and soul.

    I seldom get angry too Kathy, but when it does happen, a walk outside is the perfect remedy.

  12. Fountainpen says:

    Does anyone else see a caterpillar in the picture of the green fuzzy flower from the tree? Could have fooled me!
    Did anyone else think at first it was a caterpillar?


  13. Snoopykg1 says:

    I saw a caterpillar at first too!

  14. Ah Kathy you are so in alignment with my way of being – not just for anger but for fear, overwhelm, confusion, injustice and sadness. Well, I probably wander about in the same way when I am singing with glee as well. But the big benefit is whatever the overriding emotion it comes back into balance and perspective with its fellow feelings and observations.

    What I like about the practice you describe is it is defused and no harm is done to others or self – in fact if we remember at all what was at issue it comes with a calm well conceived direction to act.

  15. Trudie says:

    A walk always does a world of good. Except I have to settle for admiring people’s gardens and such … oh well …

  16. Snoopykg1 says:

    Hubby has not answered my calls all day…….Kim

  17. Helen says:

    Really beautiful and uplifting. I don’t get angry very often but I can totally relate to this. Now if I can just remember the next time it happens to me…

  18. Kathy says:

    Glad you all agree~~Nature is the best elixer when anger strikes. When the blues strike. Whenever we’re feeling off balance. It’s like Nature’s Balance can give us a little boost. Whether we just go outside or take a walk or use imagery or simply observe or admire gardens. Kim, good luck with your husband! Fountainpen, the little poplar fuzzies DO look like caterpillars. And Helen, yes…to remember this when we’re angry or upset. Now that’s the key!!

  19. Kathy says:

    PS all the rest of you…hugs! I love that you comment…sorry I’m not taking time to respond to everybody individually…but want you to know that I sit quietly with all of you when reading your responses and really feel like we connect at the heart.

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