Wild animals in the wild Upper Peninsula

Chipmunk approaches...

 OK, I’m exaggerating a little.  You won’t see any really wild animals like bear, moose or wolves on this blog.  But you will see wild animals. 

 Lately, since my adventure in the Chipmunk Kingdom at the end of March, I’ve been kind of obsessed about luring a cute little fella toward the lap.  Yesterday it almost happened!

 All you need for luring purposes are a) a pile of sunflower seeds, b) a chipmunk who is half-way tame or so wild it’s never seen a human and c) infinite patience.

 Be prepared to sit really still until your fella gathers enough courage to sneak close to the seed.  It will depend on how hungry he might be.

Wild chipmunk lured toward camera with sunflower seeds

 Luck was in my favor yesterday!  The chipmunk swallowed his fear and proceeded toward the sunflowers–and the human.  It stuffed its little cheeks before scampering away.  Then it returned.  By then, it felt halfway comfortable and allowed the camera to sing its little pre-photographing tune. 

 It stuffed its mouth for maybe three minutes, perhaps inches from my sleeve.  I’d say that’s a success, wouldn’t you?

Chipmunk stuffs cheeks with seeds; pauses to assess camera and human

 Also yesterday I visited my friend Doris.  Her husband, Howard, had some luck sucker fishing that morning.  He was cleaning his catch in the open door of his garage.  He had a successful morning!  He had a twinkle in his eye when he displayed his one tiny little smelt.

 “Have you got your camera?” he asked.  I scampered into the car, faster than a chipmunk, to retrieve it. 

 It looks like he will have plenty of bait to catch the big Lake Trout or Salmon on the bays this summer.  If  they are biting.

Howard filets and cleans sucker bait; holds up tiny smelt catch

 (My own husband is headed out to the very same fishin’ hole tomorrow to catch his bait for the year’s fishing.  The sucker must be coming in the rivers now…)  For the purposes of this blog, I am counting fish as a wild animal of the Upper Peninsula.

One smelt; many sucker

 And finally–for your consideration–the wild white-tailed deer.  Actually, these ladies are halfway tame; they think they own our yard.  They think WE are the wild ones.  Can’t you just hear them thinking, “What ARE those humans doing next?”

 I like trying to stalk as close to them as possible.  It involves moving very slowly, stealthily and carefully moving forward, pausing, moving again.  It is not a task for an impatient mind.

(Editor’s note:  Barry just read this blog and insists that he walks ten feet from the does every night and talks to them and they rarely move.  He said to tell you that they are pregnant and due to give birth in May.)

Deer in yard

 Hope you’ve all enjoyed this tour of the wild animal kingdom.  If you’re looking for REAL wild animal photos–Fisher, Pine Marten, Bear and Moose–(and didn’t see them on last year’s blog) please click here.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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16 Responses to Wild animals in the wild Upper Peninsula

  1. Kathy – I love that you live in the boondocks and that I can live vicariously through you! Howard looks like he stepped right out of a Norman Rockwell painting!

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. kseverny says:

    there no wildlife where i live.
    it so great to see pictures of other peoples interesting back yards

  3. pearlz says:

    I love the chipmunks. must take some of the kookaburras- we’ve had a proliferation of wildlife around our place.

  4. Marianne says:

    Cute chipmunck, happy Howard and darling deer! Thank you kind Kathy for sharing your neck of the woods.

  5. Dawn says:

    stalking the wild chipmunk… you’re lucky to get out alive!!!! 🙂

  6. Dad and Mother says:

    I like Laurie’s comment about Howard stepping out of a Rockwell painting! Sort of tickled my fancy!! Luv Dad

  7. Gerry says:

    Nice wildlife shots! And that Howard – you have to love a guy who enjoys a good joke on himself.

  8. Cindy Lou says:

    What cute little critters! I could never get close enough to get a picture of a chippy…..once one of the dogs sees even a glimmer of one, they’re all off like rockets! When I scrolled down far enough to see your Howard, the first thing I said was, “Look at that face! What a cute old man!” 🙂 Boy the stories he could tell, hey?

    Does Barry put his sucker in Borax before freezing them? Not sure why, but Ricky and Johnny and the guys at Wilkinson’s all do it!

  9. Kathy says:

    Hi, all you guys! Thank you for enjoying the wildlife shots, tee hee. Laurie, please scurry to today’s post. Your name is mentioned!
    kseverny–I am glad to show you my backyard.
    June – kookaburras sound really fascinating.
    Marianne-you made me feel so good for posting this! Thank you.
    Dawn–ha ha. Lucky to get out alive… You got it, girl.
    Dad–always thrilled when you comment, you know. You would like Howard.
    Gerry–Howard is a great guy. So is his wife, Doris. She called me this morning and said, “Hello, this is Mrs. Rockwell.”
    Cindy Lou–this is the closest to a chipmunk I’ve been. Can imagine those dogs wouldn’t allow any closer contact. Yep, Barry uses Borax. I had to go to town and buy some last night.

  10. I made my claim to Yooperhood in 6th grade by biting the head off a smelt one wild and wooly night along the Cedar River. My pal Jon dared me and I did. My Dad was a fisherman- so what else was I to do? It is probably too early for morels, right? Mmmm. Don’t get me started. Love and hugs and some day I will tell you of the lifelong chipmunk saga that runs in my household. xoxo S

  11. Kathy says:

    Suzi….REALLY????? You bit off the head of a SMELT? OH MY GOODNESS!!! You win the Yooper Award of the Year. You really do. My goodness. I am still in awe & admiration (and a little disgust…) Tee hee!

  12. Barbara says:

    More of those darling chipmunks! Your pictures are amazing! Were you that close or did you use a telephoto lens? Will have to remember to bring sunflower seeds on my next walk!

    • Kathy says:

      Barbara, that chipmunk and I were THAT close! So fun to be that near the little fellas. Definitely, bring your seeds along and do some luring.

  13. flandrumhill says:

    Oh that chipmunk is SO cute! Its fur looks so sleep and soft. We don’t have them here – only red squirrels.

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