Pouring rain, fat snowflakes & blue skies in the mountains

April snowstorm in the mountains

It’s the rainy season in the California mountains.  We awoke to a pouring rain yesterday morning.  It felt so comfortable to lie beneath the thick quilts and listen to the drumbeat of rain showers on the roof.  I had to run between rain drops between the tiny little cabin and the house.  But the coffee–and Melinda–was in the house.

Snowing by the "tree house"

I would like to share with you what happened next.  Because it was magical.  Because it was special.  Because it was precious and spiritual and inspirational.

But that’s all the sentences I can share about the next few hours we spent together.  Melinda shared the gift of her spiritual insights and understanding…and helped me so much.  Together we spent time weaving through words and feelings and hopes and desires and humanity and divinity.

At times in our friendship, I have helped her in perhaps the same way.  This time it was her turn.

Isn’t it wonderful and strange how friendships shift and change, so that each friend can give at different times and in different ways?

One lane bridge across river

The previous night we took the dogs to the river in her blue truck.  We walked for about forty minutes along the winding river which was swollen from melting mountain snow run-off.   The river flows alongside the road which runs toward Yosemite.  (We thought about driving to Yosemite, but the morning’s snowfall and our intense conversation changed our plans.)

The hills are alive with the sound of music...

After our walk, we drove to a restaurant called “The Bug” and ate a most delicious dinner.  It is situated in a youth hostel where many folks stay before hiking up near Yosemite.  We ordered chicken and salmon with sides of rice and summer squash and salad and bread.  The dogs slumbered in the back of the truck as we dined.

Doggie Irene trots alongside the river path

In the morning we started a small cozy fire in the fireplace.  At times the snow flew thick and wild outside the window.  We wondered if we would ever get down from the mountain, should the snow build up too much.  We pondered driving to Merced to stay in a motel that night in order to make my train.

However, just as we decided we might, the snow abruptly ceased.

Melinda throws sticks for Miss Janie Rose to retrieve

Springtime returned to the mountaintop.  The dogs started prancing around the house.  Time for another walk!

After the rain and melted snow: green grass again. Blue oak trees everywhere!

I haven’t told you of any of the challenges of mountaintop living, have I?  There are ticks, rattlesnakes, scorpions, Black Widow spiders, and lots of dog hair.  Melinda lives “off the grid” and supplies electricity to her house through solar panels.  There is a lot of work to maintaining this mountain paradise.  There are gardens to grow, houses to maintain, solar panels to repair and goats to feed.

By the time you read this bog, I will be heading north and east toward Tahoe City.  Who knows if it will be possible to write another blog from there?  I hope so, but you never know…

Thank you, Melinda, for your wonderful hospitality and gift of your being. It has been a pleasure to be together once again.

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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13 Responses to Pouring rain, fat snowflakes & blue skies in the mountains

  1. jeffstroud says:


    Once again you have captured the essence of relationship with nature and friends, as well as yourself. I can’t imagine it is easy to leave that beautiful place and your wonderful friend Melinda! Put alas change happens.

    How joyful and thrilling it is to share these moments!

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. Cindy Lou says:

    There is just so much here I don’t know whether to add words or just sit back and absorb….

  3. Dawn K says:

    I agree, words from us are just extra fluff! Enjoy!

  4. holessence says:

    Kathy – Do you feel the increased depth of your inhalations? It’s me – living through your eyes just now, breathing in the wonders of your words and pictures. Thank you.

    Laurie Buchanan

    P.S. By the time you read this, I’ll most likely be on my way to the Writers’ Institute at UW-Madison. I’ll post a blog about it on Apr 22, just before walking out the door. I’ll catch back up with you and your inspirational blogs on Apr 26.

  5. Nicole Smith says:

    So wonderful that your trip is meeting all your needs. A very special friend, this is. Enjoy Lake Tahoe, send my love please!

  6. Colleen Lloyd says:

    Ah Kathy, isn’t it all so amazing…our wild and wonderful lives and where they can take us!! Even the weather seems to want to be part of your adventure. How perfect.

  7. Reggie says:

    I just LOVE how you are seeming to wander around the US. You seem to have friends everywhere. I have never done anything like that, definitely not on my own. It feels as though you are awakening something within us, an urging to go exploring, further afield than one’s immediate neighbourhood. Maybe down the road and into another town, another landscape. I can juuuust hear something calling, softly, when I’m really quiet. I love what you’re doing, Kathy.

  8. Elisa's Spot says:

    I am so glad to share the views and the magic within them. My insides sing with them. Safe travels!

  9. Snoopykg1 says:

    I just love the story and pictures to go with. It is truly wonderful to walk along the journey with you.

    I especially like the sharing of your experiences, and Melinda with her gift of spiritual insights and understanding. I relish chances like this which , at least inmy life right now, don’t come along as often as we sometimes would like them to.

    I am very appreciative that you are sharing.

    Thank you..

  10. Gerry says:

    Ah it’s a beautiful place–well worth the effort required to live there.

  11. Kathy says:

    Hello friends! Well you have already probably figured out that I have taken a train and two buses up to Lake Tahoe. Wooooheee! What a trip! What a beautiful amazing awesome trip and I am so happy to have all of you along for the ride. Love and blessings to all of you from a meditative position here on Lake Tahoe. 🙂

  12. pearlz says:

    I really love how you share your life and friendships – this is such an awesome read to see what you are doing, thinking and learn more about your home environment, thanks.

    • Kathy says:

      It’s fun to share…and then you guys get to meet (virtually) some wonderful people too! P.S. it’s hard to believe I’ll be home tomorrow night…

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