Mother’s Day wild goose chase

Follow the railroad tracks, follow the railroad tracks...

We did it again.  We couldn’t help ourselves.  What wanton behavior!

We–all in search for some Mother’s Day fun–headed back to Marquette.

(“Back to Marquette?” you think, frowning, “Can’t they stay home?  What’s the matter with them?  Aren’t they thinking about frivolous wasting of precious gasoline?  Wasn’t she just in Marquette—yesterday?”)

Leave it to my fisherman-husband to find a fishing lure on the railroad tracks

Yes, it’s shameful.  And it’s all Barry’s fault.  Well, not all Barry’s fault.  I must take half the blame.  But he suggested it first.  He–I mean we–were kinda restless this morning.  And it got worse around lunchtime.  We started plotting about where we could possibly go.  And the answer kept insisting:  Marquette.  Let’s go play in Marquette.  Go out for a Mother’s Day lunch/dinner.

Faster than you could say, “get the keys” we jumped in the old maroon Buick (which no longer features heat) and headed out across snow-country toward the Big City.

Snow totals:  only an inch or two.  He insisted I get out of the car and photograph it. 

Canadian goose on a rock: successful wild goose chase!

Somewhere around Michigamme I spotted it.  A lone Canadian goose sitting on a rock.  “Pull over!  Pull over!” I insisted.  He obliged.  We were off on a Wild Goose Chase.

First we slid down a small hill, staying upright, thank you kindly.  We followed railroad tracks for maybe a quarter or half mile.  I prayed the goose would remain on his or her rock.  Once I suggested we hike through the swamp for faster approach, but that was not a good idea.  We immediately discovered the possibility of soaking our toes and sneakers and returned to the tracks.

Fortunately the goose still sat on the rock!  It did not glide gracefully into the river until after the photograph.  Afterwards we wondered if our little adventure was “worth it”. 

“Don’t you feel invigorated now?” I asked Barry.  He raised an eyebrow, but admitted he did. 

We jumped back in the car.

Bike in a tree? What an interesting day!

Next interesting sight:  a bike in a tree.  Actually, we’ve both seen this bike for years.  This was obviously the appropriate moment to photograph it.  Wonder why anyone put it up in the tree?  Three guesses?

Snow and green grasses--in May!

On we traveled.  We eventually ended up in Sweetwater Cafe for dinner.  It was filled with mothers and children celebrating the holiday.  See the sign on the table?

It says:  “A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”

I am feeling so grateful today for:

1)  the best mother in the whole wide world.  I love her so much!  Mom, hope you had a wonderful day.  Just wish we could have been with you to celebrate.  It was great talking to you on the phone, though.

2)  the best children in the whole wide world.  (Hmmm, doesn’t that sound just like a mom?)  I’ve heard from them both today.  Delightful phone calls from Manhattan and San Diego.  Plus Kiah sent me a virtual slide show of her walk in Central Park called “A Walk with my Mama”.  I cried when viewing it.  It was amazing.

3)  If that’s not enough:  a wonderful mother-in-law.  One who actually reads this blog!  One who always gives so much of herself.  No mother-in-law jokes from me!  I actually got a wonderful friend in the marriage bargain.

The true definition of a mother?

4)  I am also thinking right now of my grandmas.  Missing them.  Loving them.  Remembering the gifts they shared with all of us.

I hope everyone had a good mama’s day!  Did you all get to spend time with your mothers or children or spouses or friends?  Or did you go on some wild goose chase through snow and railroad tracks?  What did you do today?

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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29 Responses to Mother’s Day wild goose chase

  1. holessence says:

    I love this blog post Kathy — thank you!

    I was kidnapped and taken out for breakfast. Then, I was taken to see the documentary movie “Oceans” — a remarkable, amazing, must-see movie! And now I’m … well … you’ll just have to read about it in my blog tomorrow morning.l

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. epicswife says:

    Love the railroad shot – I have a few of those myself 🙂 Very nice perspective in it!!!

  3. Dad says:

    Hi Kath—Happy Mother’s day!!!!!! But a bike in a tree, fish bait on a rail road track!!! Sounds like April fools day!!! Luv Dad

  4. Jessica says:

    Somehow I knew from the title there would be a real goose photo in there. LOL sounds like you had a great mother’s day. I talked to my mom this morning and we stopped in and visited my mother in law. Then we spent the day with some close friends. They are parents in the traditional sense but they are great furbaby parents so I wished the wife a Happy Furbaby Momma day. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Jessica? Furbaby parents? Are you talking about dogs? LOL! Glad you enjoyed the wild goose chase. You know what would have been even better? A long-lens for a camera. Yep. There are certain moments when you just know a “real” camera would have been the best.

  5. What a wonderful adventure, and a tree bike too!

    Happy Mothers day…


  6. Here in the UK I’d wonder if the bike was something more sombre, rather than whimsy.

    hope you had a happy mothers day. Here Mothering Sunday is always on the the 4th Sunday during Lent

    • Kathy says:

      Mrs. Uhdd, I had never heard of a ghost bike before. Hope that it wasn’t the case here…yikes! Thanks for the mothers day well-wishes and the information about Mothering Sunday.

  7. Dawn says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Kathy!

  8. jeffstroud says:

    Happy Mother’s Day,
    Great blog it honors you and your mothers as well as your children. It honors you as a wife and a women. To go on an adventure, to capture the wild goose, to find trinkets on the tracks, to enjoy time and a meal with your husband all amazingly wondrous experiences.

    The Railroad track shot is wonderful, great perspective… The Bike in the tree is an intriguing arrangement, and “art piece” a memorial?

    Always fun traveling with you:

    I made dinner for mom and we all sat at the table together: we had grilled Portabella Mushroom which had been marinated in balsamic vinegar, fresh beets, with dill, and Pesto/Mayo Potato Salad, and fresh brewed Mint tea.
    Along with gift given earlier in the day before mom went off to our brothers.

    I am Love, Jeff

  9. Barbara says:

    Sounds like a great day you had! We had a quiet day after all our celebrating of Larisa’s graduation the day before… My darling daughter wanted to take me skydiving! Yikes!! I told her I would consider a balloon ride – that will be more than enough excitement for me…

    • Kathy says:

      First of all, Barbara, congrats to your duaghter Larisa. You must be so proud of her. Second, tell her no way about that skydiving. (ooops, that must be me speaking. I can not imagine going skydiving EVER.) You go for that balloon ride.

  10. Colleen Lloyd says:

    Hi Kathy, I woke up this morning thinking about mom-in-laws and the gratitude that you expressed for yours. How blessed you both are to have this! We’ll soon be spending some time with Rick’s mom in Bagara, Queensland and it will most likely be the last time we’ll have with her. Our relationship wasn’t always an easy one and I am so grateful that we were able to come through it all and eventually become good friends. You reminded me just how precious this relationship is and how it is so worth doing whatever it takes. In my case it took time and a lot of growing up!! The gift of it has been the relationship that we have been able to have with our two daughter-in-laws.

    Don’t you just love a great Wild Goose Chase! So glad she obliged and stayed put. Lovely goose and lovely photo.

    • Kathy says:

      Colleen, I saw admire you for standing in there and being willing to stick with a difficult relationship with your mother-in-law. And having the flexibility to change and grow up! Some people never do that… And then look at the karma with your daughter-in-laws. (I can only hope that it will be the same with any daughters or son-in-laws that we eventually get…) Good goose. Yes!!

  11. Cheyenne Steele says:

    Kathy! So amazing!!! From a mother who never liked pie….living the wild goose chase…oh, so much love to YOU! Just beautiful! Your writing is a dance of love!

    And Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!….

    I so enjoyed this!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day Kathy,

    What a wonderful adventure… so glad I could come along – without falling in the river:)

    • Kathy says:

      Terrill, I can just see you at the river with us. all of us congratulating each other because of our dry feet. But what would YOU have ordered for mother’s day dinner?

  13. Reggie says:

    How come you have such exciting excursions, Kathy?! I love reading these stories. 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Reggie, want to know a secret? I don’t think we do have such exciting excursions. Another person would just think to themselves, “We drove to Marquette and stopped by the railroad tracks and saw a bike in the tree.” I think the trick is looking at everything we do as Extraordinary. Then every excursion becomes exciting!

  14. kathusitalo says:

    Drove through Marquette on Mother’s Day— did you see my splattered van in town? Visited with my aunt, my mom’s sister, in Ishpeming en route to L’Anse and Chassell. Another quick trip with no time for coffee!

    • Kathy says:

      Kath, how I would have liked to meet you! And Cindy would have, too, I am sure… Darn it. We must make time for coffee next time!

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