Don’t play with your food, young lady!

Brown rice syrup among the primrose...

 Did you mom or dad ever tell you not to play with your food? 

 I’m not sure if I ever heard that phrase as a child, but I am here to tell you that this blog is completely sticking its tongue out at that  admonition.

 First, we’re all in agreement that we should embrace a lively sense of play whenever it presents itself, right?  And we all know the best kind of play is spontaneous, creative, silly and fun.

 A couple of days ago Ms. Suzi suggested a playdate on the comments section of her blog Laundry Line Divine.  Here was her suggestion:  Your post today was beautiful. I loved what you taught me about my camera. Let’s do something like a simul shot…you and I both take a photo at the same time one day this week. What do you think? Love and hugs, S

 Fortunately, I happened to amble back to read her suggestion.  So often I leave a comment on a blog and never return to see whether the blogger responded.  (Unless the blogger is from WordPress in which I faithfully subscribe to most commentaries.  The RSS function from other sites leaves me crazy, however and I do not usually subscribe.)  

Agave syrup honeys up to some other pretty-colored primroses.

 Back to the playdate.  First we ascertained a time.  It had to be after my work.  We determined 12:30 to be the witching hour.  We would simultaneously grab our cameras and shoot….what?  What would we shoot, Suzi?

 Here were Suzi’s suggestions:

Water droplets?
My feet in various places?
My hand?

 She then added that she wanted to shoot food labels.  Her friend had given her a food label called “Perfect in Puddings” and that sounded like an Ideal Photographic Subject.

 “Yes!” I said enthusiastically, “Let’s do food labels.”  

Madras Simmer Sauce--up close and personal

 Food labels it was.

 The 12:30 hour approached.  I rummaged in the cupboards looking for the oddest food labels we possessed.  Brown rice and agave syrup sounded strange enough to entertain folks.  As did Simmer Sauce and Kombucha tea (which I always say very loudly in a thundering tone…accent on the BOO in the middle…only those who have sampled Kombucha tea might possibly understand why.  Or not…) Found some BBQ sauce with an interesting label and, of course, a bag of Wakame seaweed.

 But where to photograph the labels?  Where should we play with our food?  

Kombucha! (And when you say this word, say it like you MEAN it!)

 Of course the answer presented itself immediately.  Where does every good North Woods photographer go to take pictures?  Outside.  And the first thing that caught my eye was our flowering perennial garden in front of our house.

 The rest is History.  

Don't get the barbecue sauce all over the Iris, dear...

 My question for all you folks today is this:  Do you like to play?  When was the last time you played and what did you do?  Do you engage in silliness easily, or is it harder to let go of “adult” behaviors?  

Wakame seaweed in the center of the garden hose.

 Thank you, Suzi, for the challenge!  All you readers please hopscotch over to her blog and read about her food label adventures and watch her slide show:

Here’s to play!

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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31 Responses to Don’t play with your food, young lady!

  1. holessence says:

    Kathy – I can absolutely guarantee you that our food labels are not nearly as interesting as your — not even remotely! And the way you say “Kombucha” makes me want to respond with “Bless you!”

    Now I’m off to visit Suzi’s slideshow.

    • Kathy says:

      KOMBUCHA!!! Yes!! You have to say it with Spirit. I hope you’ve had a sip of this interesting tea. I hope that, unlike me, you didn’t want to spit it out when you first tasted it. Because it is very very healthy for us.

  2. You are brilliant! I love the fancy hat on the KomBOOcha. Alaria never looked so good. Here is a Q- I have a WordPress site…but is there some other level of subscribing that I need to enable on my site, just to make you Oh so Very Happy?
    Please share you amazing ewisdom with me.
    My fingers are sticking to the keyboard. In a fit of MailArt here.
    Love and labelly wonder from your playmate in the Berkshires, S

    Can we play again next week? Pl;ease?

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, thank you, deep curtsy, Ms. Suzi! And of course yours was lovely as well. Didn’t we have fun?? As for your site being WordPress–it doesn’t come up as WordPress for me. Hmmm… don’t know why. There is a RSS feed to subscribe to comments at the bottom of your site–which I have done–but all for naught. Because I then forget to vist my “feed” site and review them. It’s challenging…but don’t know how it could be changed? So much for amazing ewisdom!!

  3. LagarLika says:

    Interesting exercise! I can tell you both had fun taking the pictures! 🙂

  4. Dawn says:

    Very fun! And I concur, my food labels are SOOOOO boring compared to yours. And I wouldn’t even want to admit I eat some of the stuff in my pantry. But it’s worth looking at, that’s for sure…

    I went over to Susie’s place, her photos are amazing as well. Funny how differently you each approached the assignment.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kathy says:

      Do play next Wednesday, Dawn! That’s what was fun about it. How we each took off in a different direction and shaped the play differently. But I do admit to having some rather bizarre food on our kitchen shelves!

  5. Cindy Lou says:

    Some of those labels are like little mini works of art, aren’t they? With their bold colors and graphics? And your primroses are absolutely gorgemous! Thanx for playing – I’m off to see Susie’s!

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, Cindy, that’s the best part of labels. They are mini-works of art. So are the primroses! I’m sure your gardens are beautiful now…

  6. janet says:

    very fun! playing with food is important. in my opinion, so is eating with your hands 🙂

    I love your authoritative treatment of Kombucha!

    • Kathy says:

      Eating with our hands! Hadn’t even pondered that! I love when you go to Ethiopian restaurants (it IS Ethiopian restaurants, isn’t it, where they give you that big round piece of bread and you use it to pick up all the food?) Need to visit an Ethiopian restaurant again. Soon. Next time I’m out of the Upper Peninsula, that is!

  7. jeffstroud says:

    What fun you had with photography and food labels!! Creative idea with Susie too!

  8. Karma says:

    What a very cool idea! I love it!
    Your kombucha is my favorite – just love the complimentary colors.

    I like to be as silly as possible as often as I can! The 6th graders I work with seem to like it too- the math teacher on our team and I often spontaneously break out into song in the middle of a class because something one of us said reminded one of us of song lyrics.

    • Kathy says:

      Your 6th graders are very fortunate to have you, Karma. Do you have a favorite song which often comes out during class? 🙂

      • Karma says:

        No, not so much a favorite, but we have a couple that have garnered jaw-dropping looks from the students! For example, last year there was a worksheet with a list of cities on it including Phoenix and Tacoma. That of course began “Keep on Rocking Me, Baby” by the Steve Miller Band. This past week the students were working on group projects, so the math teacher was playing Pandora internet radio in the classroom. When Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” came on, the kids were pretty shocked that I could sing nearly all the words to that one! 😀

  9. Colleen Lloyd says:

    Hi Kathy, what fun this is! The first thought in our house was… Oh, my, half of our kitchen pantry seems to be in Kathy’s lovely garden. So that’s where it all comes from. It doesn’t grow on trees after all 🙂
    Rick had a good chuckle. He comes from a hearty Australian meat-and-potatoes background and sometimes has a wistful moment or two remembering the food of his earlier years.
    Thank you for this. Yes, we have silly moments in our house. A bit (or a lot!) of silliness every day is so good for the heart and the soul.

    • Kathy says:

      Colleen, you eat this way, too? That is great to know! (Now go outside and place half of your food around plants and bushes, will you? LOL!) Tell Rick he is my new friend, too, because he laughed. I love silliness! It is one of the spices of life. (P.S. I laugh almost every day writing lots of these blogs cuz they sound so silly…they entertain me.)

  10. Barbara says:

    The Kombucha bottle and chosen flower are a perfect match!

  11. shellypolly says:

    The last time I played was last SUMMER at our local amusement park. If you read my Blog you’ll understand why.

  12. kal says:

    hey kathy, just chanced across your blog. i loved this post! it was fresh and ingenious, and a wonderful example of creating something beautiful out of nothing at all. food labels! tandem photography! awesome.

    • Kathy says:

      Kal, we had such fun playing with “nothing at all”. To make the ordinary extra-ordinary! Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again… (And maybe you can play too?)

  13. Reggie says:

    What an amusing and creative post this was, Kathy! I particularly enjoyed the colour combinations and the way you seemed to find the perfect backdrop in your garden to the bottles from your pantry. I confess that I have never heard of any of the products; they sound so exotic and strange to me.

    I think it’s a fabulous idea to post photos of the contents of one’s pantry. I’ll make a note to do this the next time I have … er… time. 😉

    • Kathy says:

      Reggie, most people in our country would think of these products as exotic and strange. They would say we ate very weirdly… Are you busy a lot these days? I am having a rather slow time of year with both of my part-time jobs. May is usually that way, go figure. Do let me know when you post your pantry photos! That would be fun to see.

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