Do not expect to see a curled up baby fawn in this blog.

I dialed up the Universe this morning.

They put me through to the Divine Operator right away.

“Hey!  How you doing?” I inquired politely.  “Say, any chance of arranging for me to see a curled up baby fawn today?  Please?  Please?  Can you arrange for this to happen?”

The Divine Operator–I’m sure–recorded it faithfully in the Appointment Book of Life and–I’m sure–nodded in agreement, although I couldn’t hear any words because of static interference.

But I started out on my 1.5 mile walk with great excitement.  The fawn would appear.  It has appeared at least a half-dozen times over the years alongside the road.  Today would be the day.  It had to be.

Dead bird...probably struck fast-moving vehicle

Instead, instead…wait!  What’s that on the road?  It’s too small to be our fawn.  It’s…oh no…another dead bird. 

Poor thing.  Struck by a car, I’m sure.

I picked it up and tenderly arranged for a more fitting burial spot among some greenery.

Still waiting for the aforementioned curled up baby fawn to present itself.  The Universe would comply.

This blog has featured so many dead birds that someone will suggest to rename it:  No one has registered that name yet. 

So, let’s walk a little further…

Slooooowwwww moving caterpillar

Caterpillar!  Look at that furry fuzzy caterpillar!  It’s aiming to get off the road so it doesn’t become another statistic, like that bird.  C’mon, caterpillar, hurry up.  Do you need help getting to the shoulder?

No?  You don’t?  OK, you’re almost there.  Phew.  You made it.  Hey, fella, do you know where the baby fawns are around here?

Even slower moving leaf floating in mud puddle

We’re  half-way home now.  It’s starting to dawn on you…perhaps you won’t…see…the…fawn….today.  Or perhaps it’s waiting back at the house, curled up behind the garage.

What happened to that phone call to the Universe?  You remember the time you were walking down the road–maybe a couple of years ago–and thought rather insistently, “NOW I really would like to see a bear!”  And you arrived at home and within the hour there was a mama bear and two cubs playing in the ravine behind the house.  The cubs climbed a tall, tall tree and hung out up there in the canopy for at least fifteen minutes.

So where is the curled up baby fawn? 

It’s not for yourself, you remind the Universe, just in case the Universe isn’t busy with something Really Important.  It’s for the blog readers.  You’ve seen curled up fawns before.  OK, you haven’t photographed them before because you didn’t believe in cameras back then.  But you’ve seen ’em.  You really don’t need to see ’em.  It’s for the Others.  Those who have never seen a curled up baby fawn…

Oh look what a nice day it is for a walk!

The Universe remains definitively silent.  Not even a rustle in the grass.

What a beautiful day for a walk! 

When suddenly you hear–do you all hear it?–THUNDER in the distance!  And the pitter pat of raindrops falling. 

What do you say?  Shall we run the rest of the way home?

Oh no! Rain clouds approaching quickly from behind. Walk faster now toward home!

Feet flapping against the pavement–you’d scare a little fawn to death if she heard you coming now!  Run, run!  Let’s beat the rain home.

We’ll see a curled up baby fawn another day.  We will.  The Universe simply forgot to put it in the Day Planner.  Or maybe absent-mindedly scheduled it for another day.  We will see it.  We will.

A fork. Just because.

As for this fork, dear reader, I am waiting eagerly with you to see what words come out explaining its appearance in this blog.   It belongs in another blog, doesn’t it?  One that had to do with eating, meals out, restaurants.  And here it is sitting squarely in the middle of a blog insisting that you won’t see curled up baby fawns.

I know.  This is the story.  There comes a moment in life when a fork appears in the road.  You must choose one direction or another.  You must choose to go left or right.  You must choose to stay home or…go downstate to visit your mom and dad and brothers and sister-in-laws and nieces and nephews! 

So guess what I’m doing tomorrow?  You are so right!  Traveling downstate to visit all my family for a week.  So stay tuned for adventures in Bellaire and Yale and other exciting spots which present themselves!

And you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?  Somewhere along the way will lie a curled up baby fawn.  One who lies complacently wanting its picture taken.  I’m sure.  Don’t you think?

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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37 Responses to Do not expect to see a curled up baby fawn in this blog.

  1. Reggie says:

    Awww, I also wanted to see a baby fawn. I’ve never seen one before. I can’t believe the Divine Operator didn’t send one in front of your camera lens today. When it should Just Know that Some Of Kathy’s Readers have Never Seen a curled up baby fawn. Sulk.


    I’m kidding. I’m sure there was a good reason why it instead sent you to the place where the little bird had died. I’m so glad you picked it up and buried it somewhere safe. I just hate it when I find dead birds in the street or in the garden. Birds shouldn’t be knocked down by cars. They should be flying swiftly, soaring high, singing happily and making us feel light and giddy joy by just being there in the world.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family, and look forward to reading all about Kathy’s Adventures In The World Beyond the UP. 😀

    • Kathy says:

      Reggie, darn it, I KNEW you all wanted to see that curled up baby fawn. I KNEW it. Double sulk!

      Don’t you think that bird looked pretty, though? Even in death…

      (I can’t wait to see what adventures await starting tomorrow. Can’t wait, can’t wait! Oh. But first you will have to sit through an Exciting Daisy Blog. No kidding. Do you think I can make daisies exciting???)

  2. jeffstroud says:

    I was waiting breathlessly for the curled up baby fawn. And what do I get a fork!!! LoL!
    Too cute! Come over to my blog and celebrate my 21st sober anniversary !!!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Kathy says:

      Ha ha, had you fooled didn’t I, Jeff?? A FORK!! I am headed over to your blog pronto. Except Barry just came in so I have to take a break… back at ya soon. If not tonight, tomorrow morning at the cafe in Marquette. Promise.

  3. Kathy – I’m cracking up. Quite possibly this post wasn’t meant to be funny, but it’s tickling my funny-bone BIG time! The fork threw me for a loop — a good loop, mind you — but a loop nonetheless.

    Like Jeff, I was getting myself all set to see a baby fawn curled up. Nope — I got a fork instead. You SAID we wouldn’t see a baby fawn. And you weren’t kidding. We got a fork.

    • Kathy says:

      Laurie, I was giggling when writing this. The fork threw ME for a loop, too! I didn’t know why I posted it. And then could only pray there would be some words to tie in the appearance of a fork. Ha ha! (The post was meant to be funny. The funny bone has been tickled the last coupla days. That’s what happens when you do too many forest meditations!)

  4. Don’t let those Gnomes get you as you go over the bridge Kathy!
    I will be on the Cape for a few days next week.
    Want to have a travel playdate?
    What should we capture?
    Funny food places?
    You will win with pasties, for sure.
    Or, what….anything tickle you?
    I won’t be able to post until Thursday, but I’d love to have a date.

    Blessings on the fork and the fawn.
    I found interesting scat in my tomato bed yesterday…something rather large eating my calendula?
    I saw Baltimore Orioles yesterday and thought of you.
    Now that is orange.
    Love and hugs, S

    • Kathy says:

      OK Suzi! You know I can’t back away from a challenge…must play, must play. But can’t post on Thursday. How about Friday? Anyone else want to photograph funny food places?

      Oh. And Suzi! I found the most interesting scat on our road, too. Really pondered whether to photograph. It was BIG scat. Like big cat scat or wolf scat or something. And now I am wondering what calendula is. Pray tell!

  5. K says:

    wonderful post! You had me eagerly awaiting as if you tricked me! I’ll be checking the posts for fawns from now on. I like the fork- it makes me think of pie- which, btw, is a great thing to bake on a blustery day.

    • Kathy says:

      Dear K, oh good! I am happy to have tricked an innocent reader. In a good way, I hope. Please come back. I can’t promise fawns…but I can promise that it never gets TOO boring around here. OK, sometimes it gets really quiet and meditative, but then we have to inject some humor into the proceedings.

  6. Dawn says:

    Maybe we could bend the fork into an abstract representation of a fawn curled up?

    Safe travels to you as you venture my way. Enjoy your family. I’m glad you found a way to make it down.

    • Kathy says:

      Dawn, excellent suggestion! Could you take one of your spare forks and bend it into an abstract representation…LOL! Darn it, wish Christopher was still at U of M. Then we’d meet each other, for sure.

  7. I was amazed at the turn in the road your story took. Very Clever. I too was laughing when I got hokked bu the fork, in the road…..

    I really appreciate your extensive ideas and fun you have with it.

    Safe Travels


    • Kathy says:

      Kim, I hope the fork didn’t poke you in the eye! Sorry, just kiddin’, too much coffee this morning! Glad you enjoyed. Twas fun, yes?

  8. Karma says:

    I was waiting for a little snippet of Bambi or something at the end of the post! Beside the fact that you actually posted a picture of a fork, is the fact that you took a picture of a fork! Rather random, isn’t it? 😉

    I’d like to know about the funny food places photos. Will it be something like your interesting food labels, or food eaten in funny places or food served by places with funny names or or or…. clarification please? Can I play if I “get it?” 😉

    • Kathy says:

      Karma, where IS Bambi when you need him? LOL! Random? I dunno…doesn’t everyone expect a fork to appear in a blog about deer? Ha ha…

      Oh Karma I am HOPING you will play along. I think Suzi’s suggestions were wide open enough that we can decide and post how we want to. (I thought of your same questions while driving along the road this morning. Took one restaurant photo already. I think it’s what attracts the attention of our creative eye and then we can do what we want! Please play!)

      • karma says:

        I can’t promise that I can post tomorrow, as I am supposed to be traveling to Cape Cod, and I don’t know if I will have internet access or not. I will definitely have my camera with me, and I will keep “Funny Food Places” in mind! If I don’t have internet access at the Cape, I should be able to post Sunday night when I return home.

  9. I have to admit
    The fork had great shadows too…..

  10. jhsketch says:

    No fawn today……….
    No problem, I am sure we all can wait a little longer for the fork, I mean the fawn! Thank you, Kathy, I really enjoyed your post today. It was captivating.
    Have a great day.

  11. Hi Kathy
    I know this is not the same as seeing a curled up baby fawn yourself but I couldn’t help posting this picture I took in my back yard about a month ago and it was a sweet dream to see it.

    C:\Users\Julie\Pictures\2010-05-13 deer\blah 013.JPG

    Loved the post.

    • Kathy says:

      Julie, now I am having to IMAGINE what the baby fawn looked like in your back yard…can’t see the link. Gosh, the Universe is not even giving a photo of a fawn today. LOL! Lucky you, my girl… You must have truly enjoyed that sweet dream.

  12. elisa says:

    might i suggest marketing?
    bright red t shirts that say: I wanted to see a curled up fawn,(nono KATHY PROMISED a curled up fawn
    and all i got was this fork
    with the image of the fork largely on the front of the shirt

    and a small lake superior spirit addy for the blog under it!

    • Kathy says:

      Funny, Elisa! For some bizarre reason my mind hadn’t yet come up with the idea of t-shirts!! Silly mind…it comes up with so much else…but didn’t come up with t-shirts. You know, girlfriend, I like the way YOUR mind works! 🙂

  13. Cindy Lou says:

    My morning smiles…..thanx to you! 🙂

  14. Yes

    No coffee,caffeine,soda, chocolate for me….16 days and counting…..

    Have a glorious day.

    Be watching for my post of going or doing something I have not done before. I will give a hint. It is very steep.


  15. barb says:

    Well…fork and fawn both start with the same letter. (I always try to salvage something.) Have a good visit. Meanwhile, maybe I’ll see a curled up fawn.

    • Kathy says:

      Ha ha, Barb! You’ve got the connection. It must be that foxy letter “F”! Let us know if you see the fawn. You probably will see one!

  16. Barbara says:

    Um, about that caterpillar – could be mistaken but it looks an awful lot like a gypsy moth caterpillar to me…. “one of North America’s most devastating forest pests.” I hope I’m wrong…

    It’s an invasive species from Europe. We were hit with them pretty bad in the early 1980s. There were so many of them you could hear them eating all leaves off almost every tree. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one.

    • Kathy says:

      Barbara, we had an invasion of the gypsy moth caterpillars about the year 2000. It was awful! They de-forested alot of our trees. I wrote a blog about it last year. I hope you’re wrong. YIKES! I remember at Christopher’s graduation party the caterpillars kept dropping off the trees into the plates of food. DOUBLE YIKES! Let’s truly hope it isn’t Them.

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