When the children fly home to the nest (and friends come to visit, too!)

Chris prepares to leave for his 3-4 mile run

Dinner’s over.  One of the guests is snoozing on the couch.  The other lingers somewhere in the basement.  The husband of the house is still in town covering a couple of assignments. 

The hostess has snuck away to the computer.  You  know you’re passionate about blogging when you explain to your guests, “Oh, do you have something else to do for a while?  I have to blog.” 

And you know your guests understand when they smile and nod and completely get it.  You know that they’re readers.  You sigh in relief because you can easily and comfortably settle down before the computer.  

Life is good. 

Orange building. Blue, blue sky.

Do any of the rest of you feel like life speeds up every July?  You’re going along in June, cruising nicely, when suddenly July strikes.  And it’s like the Busy Season commences.  The season of warmth, of visitors, of happenings.  All the world is outdoors-oriented now.  We won’t catch our breath until September or October.  And in the middle of winter we dream of these mid-summer days when life seemed flowing and connective and sultry and green. 

Sombrero guy waves at us. Hello, Sombrero Guy!

As some of you know, our #1 son hath arrived!  His name is Christopher and he lives in San Diego.  He’s in a doctoral program at the University of California.  We’re so thrilled to have him home for nine or ten days. 

He flew in from Chicago last night at 11:30.  We headed up to Houghton to pass away maybe four hours.  We ate dinner, went to the coffee shop, and did as many errands as possible.  I photographed orange buildings and a carefree fellow in a sombrero who waved at us.   We hoped the plane would arrive on time.  

It did. 

There were more people in the Hancock airport than you could imagine.  Maybe 50 people.  Extended families.  When the plane finally landed and the passengers disembarked, some of the families clapped and cheered as their loved ones appeared. 

Chris was the last one off the plane.  We thought maybe he had decided against his ten year class reunion and vacation in Aura.  But finally he arrived!  We didn’t clap and cheer.  But we hugged him good and hard and welcomed him home. 

Chris helps his dad build the garage addition

He helped his dad nail up the siding boards on the garage addition this afternoon.  Thank you, Chris.  Thank you, Chris.  Did we say thank you, Christopher? You’re a good son to have around. 

Christopher and my friend Amy at the dinner table.

About 4 p.m. my friend, Amy, arrived! She also has her class reunion this weekend.  She and her partner, Daniel, visited last summer if some of you long-time readers might remember.  Click here to read last July’s post called Blueberries and Friendship. 

We dined on sesame noodles, vegetables and shrimp.  Add some garden kale sautéed in garlic.  Plus some steamed pea pods.  Oh, and Amy brought some red wine and her mother’s leftover wild blueberry pie.  (Blueberries courtesy of last summer.) 

I suspect it’s time to quit blogging and return to the guests, don’t you think?  Even though they are still being quite patient.  Amy and I might take a stroll down the road.  Or up the road.  Walk off our dinner. 

It’s good to welcome July again.  To share with friends and family.  Let me repeat–Life is Good.  Darn good. 

P.S.  July is a big month for our family.  It sure is.  The other kid is flying home to the nest during the last part of the month.  One comes from the West Coast at the beginning of the month, and the other comes from the East Coast at the end of the month.  Celebration in the nest!

About Kathy

I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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20 Responses to When the children fly home to the nest (and friends come to visit, too!)

  1. Whoohoo – Christopher is a handsome young man. And Amy looks like a wonderful friend to have. Your dinner table is warm, welcoming and the dishes served are healthy, to boot! I was looking forward to this blog post and it didn’t disappoint in the least. You’re darned tootin’ — life is good, indeed!

  2. Elisa's Spot says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! That guy is for ME!!! WE (all four of us) got sombreros at the dollar store for game night at one dollar each, put them on in the car and waved madly! There was one person so disgusted with themselves that they tried to spit nails at us….we shouted oh YES have a WONDERFUL day, just TRY not to smile, as we drove away the person frowned and then began to laugh at itself! It looks like that fellow MAY have frequented the same dollar store–which I will not mention the name thanks to new marketing rules!

    I will draw a smiley onto Christopher’s head with whipped cream later!

  3. kathusitalo says:

    When the adult birds return to the nest for extended visits you know you done some good parenting 😉 Good job. Fun times ahead!

  4. Zara says:

    Those photos remind me of how a simple gathering of friends and family at home can be just lovely. Great post x

  5. Elisa mentions new marketing rules… what are these? I always like to have some idea about the rules before I choose what to do:)

    Kathy lovely to meet your son. Handsome man and looks like he gets right to work. My kind of guy.

    We had bbq tonight with fresh corn, rib eye steaks, asparagus and new potatoes. BC cherries for dessert. And I am still sipping my wine. I told my sweetie… I’m off to see what the rest of the world is doing and took my wine with me. I painted most of the day. Glad you took time out from your guest Kathy:)

  6. Kiah says:

    Tell Chris to stay till I get there! Or better yet, fly me home now!

  7. Carol says:

    My kids and grandkids will be here the middle of the month. I love when they come to visit – I love even more that they come because they want to. Isn’t it wonderful to have adult kids to love and have love you? And friends. It doesn’t get much better!

  8. absurdoldbird says:

    Mm, yes, most alive in July, certainly. Though the seasons here in the UK are only a choice of three: very cold, very hot or very so-so. It’s a so-so day today.

    I’ve family in Australia and it boggles my mind that their July is winter! (Also that Santa Claus probably wears swimming trunks and sunglasses!)

    So glad your family understand the need to blog – and what a nice looking family it is too!

  9. jeffstroud says:


    Cool, I see you got Chris to pose for your camera and be a member of your blog family as well as your family. It is nice your friend Amy came for a visit too and you have all shared a meal. Real friends let friends blog even when they are present! How sweet!

    I seems as if July is taking off faster the June… I have an exhibit coming up that has to be ready by the 12th, and reception on the 16th. So my life is filled with gathering, selecting, framing, etc…

    I am Love, Jeff
    Ps Hi Chris and Amy

  10. Karma says:

    I agree that July certainly flies by! There are only so many summer weekends, and I find it difficult to do all the things I want to do with the people I want to do them with because everyone gets so busy. I am not limited to weekends only, of course, but all my friends in the normal working world are. Sigh!

    Will the sibs get to see each other this month or will the older depart before the younger arrives?

  11. Dawn says:

    The summer is flying by. It’s so good when the family can be together. Enjoy your time with your children!

  12. While your nest fills for a time, mine got empty with No. 1 daughter still enjoying her new job in the Badlands of North Dakota and No. 2 daughter visiting friends in the heat of Orlando with Mickey Mouse, my wife and I have been enjoying a few days of peace and quite and meals without having to please others.

    Yes, July picks up. There are only so many weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day and most communities in my area fill them with festivals, parades and good times.

    Enjoy your son, friends and the weather! When he is done, I got some fix-it items around my house. 🙂

    BTW, the Syracuse airport is named Hancock International.

  13. Kryssy says:

    June just FLUE passed me and July AND August are gonna go by even FASTER! Glad to see your still able to blog hehehehe. You must be PROUD of Chris what is he taking?

  14. Kathy says:

    Dear friends, heavens! I don’t even have time to respond to you all individually! But thank you (nodding my head in the direction of all 13 of you, appreciating your presence and words and kindnesses.) Amy has left to go to a funeral before returning for dinner before going to her class reunion. Barry and Christopher and our neighbor AJ are out on the boat fishing with our friend John. It’s near 90 degrees this afternoon and I really, really, really, really should get out in the garden and A) harvest our brocoli which has just gone wild and B) plant more lettuce and C) weed the onions. Do you think it’s too hot to do that? No matter! It must be done! (If it’s not too hot…if it’s shady and cool…the hungry fist-sized mosquitoes start eating you. Better to wilt than to turn into Mosquito Lunch.) Talk to you later! Hopefully!

  15. Robin says:

    Yes, July is a busy, busy month. The summer seems to be flying by faster this year. The harvests are early this year. I was surprised (and delighted) to find that the green beans are ready for picking. Perhaps that is why it feels faster than usual.

    My oldest is a Christopher too. Christophers are handy guys to have around. Mine will be visiting next weekend (with his wife and two daughters). He’ll be helping us build a floating dock for the pond.

    Blueberry pie sounds scrumptious!

    • Kathy says:

      Your green beans are ready for picking? Where are you again, Robin? I would love some fresh green beans but ours won’t be ready for at least a month. But our harvest has been early this year. How fun that you have a Christopher too! We are twin spirits! Excellent!

      • Robin says:

        I “put up” (as they say) 8 quarts of beans yesterday. Pretty amazing since it’s only the beginning of July. We usually don’t see green beans until mid or late July, but everything is coming in fast this year. It’s almost as if someone hit fast forward on Mother Nature’s VCR.

        I’m in northeast Ohio — Lake Erie’s dumping ground for snow. I love it. 🙂 Not quite as cold as the UP (for which my husband is probably grateful as he doesn’t enjoy the snow and cold as much as I do).

        • Kathy says:

          Eight quarts! That’s fabulous! I like your metaphor about fast forward on Mama Nature’s VCR. Perfect analogy. (Now I just have to remember where you live. Robin = northeast Ohio. Robin = northeast Ohio. Hopefully this will work!)

  16. Colleen Lloyd says:

    Hi Kathy, it’s so nice to meet Christopher and Amy….hello! We have two sons and can relate to how great it always is when they come home (or in our case, wherever we are currently living and calling home). Talking about nests, they were wa a a y into adulthood when we moved out of the home that they grew up in. It was surprising how much it affected them even though they both had their own homes and families by then.
    Wishing all of you a most wonderful July!

    I hope your broccoli found it’s way home. Am also wondering if your hungry fist-sized mosquitoes are related to the ones that are feeding on my ankles here in Alberta. Ouch….had forgotten just how voracious they can be.

    • Kathy says:

      Colleen, I can’t imagine how our two would feel if we moved out of this house. I can imagine how affected your boys were… Speaking of that, I still get to go home to MY childhood home. Poor Barry said goodbye to his childhood home when he was in his 20’s…

      We ate brocoli tonight, by the way!

      I am sorry those fist-sized mosquitoes have found you. Really sorry. Really truly sorry. They are…very challenging!

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