Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

Anyone want to go for a walk after dinner? How ’bout down to the lake?

Ripples in sepia

Ripples in blue


Reeds in Lake Superior

Reeds at sunset

Didn’t we have a nice walk down to the lake?  Didn’t we catch up on our lives?  Didn’t we connect? 

Aren’t we glad that dog didn’t attack us?

Wasn’t the evening beautiful? 

Didn’t we enjoy the way the waves lapped against the shore?  The way the inland tides receded out, then blocked our path along the lake?

Don’t we feel closer to one another?

Won’t the memories of our evening walk along the lake nourish us through the upcoming year? 

Will we remember our walk years later?

Will we remember the way the wind blew gently across the lake, rippling into our hearts?

Will we ever forget?