Comic sans type face speaks up: I have a WRITE to exist!

Blog publisher’s note:  Do you ever have this happen?  Somebody–like a type face–leaves a blog on your doorstep wanting you to publish it?  I simply didn’t know what to do. 

There’s apparently a big media issue going on trying ban Comic sans type face. 

Since I’m all for human–and maybe non-human rights as well–I decided to publish his letter.  I really didn’t edit him much; just let him have his say.

Hope I blew up his letter big enough for you to read.  It was kind of hard.

Sounds like the poor fellow wants a voice SOMEWHERE on the internet.


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I live in the middle of the woods in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Next to Lake Superior's cold shores. I love to blog.
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24 Responses to Comic sans type face speaks up: I have a WRITE to exist!

  1. Emma says:

    Oh….oh my!

    Thanks for giving a voice to the voiceless! =D

  2. kathusitalo says:

    I would never deny a font’s write to exist but I must confess — Comic sans is not my type.
    I’m more of an Arial girl.

  3. K Odell says:

    I LOVE COMIC SANS! as a teacher to younger ages, I appreciate that comic sans doesn’t have the weird top on the little a- see what I mean? comic sans types the little a like a circle with a line, like we are taught to write an a. Most, if not all, other stupid fonts screw up their own tracibility by adding the stupid little hair sticking up on the a. just typing a makes me cranky. kind of like the 4- why close the top on a 4? it screws with the kids. It looks like a nine. 49494949- see?

    I could go on with how American coins keep messing kids up by changing the pictures on them- but I’ll spare you.

  4. Susan D. says:

    HI, I’m Comic Sans in disguise. I DO have a write to exist and I love the way I look and behave. Please don’t tell Cousin Times NR that I find him a real yawn. Down with those who ban font/type-face styles. I say “boooo” to them all. COMIC SANS ROCKS! I’m so glad we found a voice here to express our writes. WRITE ON, Kathy …

  5. Yes, All fonts have to stand up for their rights!!

    ComicSans…If you need healing for the cruel world,I know a great holistic practioner that will take you from where you to where you want to be….


  6. absurdoldbird says:

    Yep! Comic Sans has fans – I’m one of ’em. And, now I have birds blogging* in this font (though I have found that some of them like Curlz, which can be a bit confusing. But even Curlz has a write to exist!) Er, does Curlz exist outside of Photoshop? I do hope so!

    Oh and did you know, Comic Sans likes being used in different colours. Not just black.

    *If mystified, my current post might explain some of this.


  7. So, someone wants to permanently STRIKE THROUGH you ComicSans…Well I say; LEAN FORWARD, be BOLD, go RED and 72 and if that doesn’t work HIGHLIGHT your best features (you know like the “a”)
    This just UNDERSCORES our need for diversity in fonts…Can’t we all just get along.

  8. Carol says:

    They can’t do that! They simply cannot ban my most favorite font – the one I use for email communications and would use in personal snail mail letters if I did those anymore. Comic Sans is just such a friendly little guy; not stiff like Arial or old-fashioned like Times New Roman (or New Times Roman, I can’t keep the placement of “new” straight). For more formal usage, their Cambria, Cambria Math or Calibri. Or Georgia. Or lots of others. Shouldn’t we each be allowed to pick the font that suits us? As for “inappropriate usage” – isn’t printing full-colored brochures and distributing them widely with words spelled wrong or poor grammar more offensive?

  9. This has got to be an award-winner, Kathy.

  10. Reggie says:

    What a PREPOSTEROUS petition! To BAN Comic Sans?! One of my FAVOURITE fonts?! Are they MAD?!?!?!?!?! Where’s the petition NOT to ban it, eh? Hand it over, I’ll sign it!

  11. Elisa's Spot says:


    Did you get into my cookies?

  12. Karma says:

    Hilarious wit once again Kathy! I’m sure that there are some people out there who are silly enough to think they should worry about others’ choice of font, but really, why? I love your take on this! Who would think to speak from the font’s point of view? This post actually must have been a lot of work!

  13. Kathy – I agree with Carla Sander’s comment — THIS IS AN AWARD WINNING POST! I won’t be surprised in the least if you get “Freshly Pressed” again for this post.


  14. Paul Moore says:

    Categorically a type is an expression, you many are expressing the personality of who is reading you. Some types are comedy and some are harsh and some are brash and meek…What should I listen to today?

    Tell me Type of expression…

    Kathy you are amazing because, depending on the day or the message I write a different text font…

    Paul Moore

  15. My position is every Font has a write to exist. Whether it gets used or not is up to the citizens of the world. Via la Comic-Sans!

  16. Robin says:

    Fun post!

    I am a Comic Sans font person too. I wouldn’t think of using it for a resume (unless I was applying for a job at a place that appreciates fun), but do enjoy it for some of my other projects, especially those that involve my granddaughters.

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  18. Kathy says:

    Thank you all for your comments! (I am saying this on behalf of Comic Sans, of course.) LOL! I guess it’s important we give the underdog a say, isn’t it? 🙂

  19. Cindy Lou says:

    What?!?! Banning Comic Sans? It’s my personal favorite – one I also use at school for the same reasons that K Odell does. Tahoma (in italics) is my other favorite so they better not mess with that!

  20. How can they even THINK OF BANNING Comic Sans?!?!

    Comic Sans is my FAVORITE!!

    All my Emails, IMs all wouldn’t exist without the Procreation of Comic Sans!!

    • Kathy says:

      Another advocate of Comic Sans! I simply don’t know how or why they stamped that scarlet letter over this typeface. LOL! Maybe we’ll start a counter-movement, do you think? 🙂

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